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After Effects Pixel Sorting Plugin · By Wunkolo

After Effects error: invalid filter ( 25 :: 3 )

A topic by xhibitionfilms created Jun 28, 2020 Views: 3,124 Replies: 1
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im getting, After Effects error: invalid filter ( 25 :: 3 ) im running Mac Catalina with After effects 2020 version 17.1.1 and the i have tried the putting it in the plug-ins folder and also the effect folder and im having no luck can anyone help

Developer (1 edit)

Hey! Sorry about that...

Do you get the error upon boot-up of after effects after putting the plugin into the folder? After getting past the error message, do you still see it in the effect panel at all?

There is a possibility it is OSX blocking "unrecognized" software too. See if anything in the Bugs thread works like in this thread!