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Dungeon Scrawl

A simple and effective grid-based mapping tool to help you set the scene for any battle. · By ProbableTrain

Desktop version

A topic by Alaadel created Jun 27, 2020 Views: 3,437 Replies: 6
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Nice tool!

Are there any plans for a desktop (downloadable) version in the future?


I would also like to know about this - it's been mentioned.

I'd like to push (politely) for a cross-platform downloadable tool - I am on a Mac and a lot of similar apps are Windows-only.


This is indeed planned :) Patrons are promised a key, it'll also be sold here - I'm waiting until the web tool is a bit more fleshed out to develop the standalone.

And Mac support is definitely going to be a must since I develop on a Mac :D


If you do build a Desktop version, I'd be happy to test a linux version.


As a Linux user I am in the same boat, very interested in an offline version.


I am a Linux user making their interest in a desktop tool known


Hey! Just letting you know, there actually is a way to play this on desktop, and it works for Windows, Linux, and MacOS! You just need to install the itch desktop app and install the game through there. Hope this helped!