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(just checking on comments which I entirely forgot to do) fair point - I'm thinking of doing a v2 once I get some feedback from a player who picked this, a bit more of a thematic focus feels like a good idea

Thanks, looks good to me!

Hi there - just to say that the print friendly PDF (which I downloaded just now) seems to have flaw 01 missing.

I did a Markdown version of Tunnel Goons v1.2

MS Paint TTRPG Jam community · Created a new topic MacPaint

I think it's appropriate myself, but just to check, how about MacPaint? Specifically using here (I tried to get it to work via emulation but it turned into such a faff that I thought I was losing the point of the jam). While it does have patterns, it's generally very simple, though cutting-edge in 1986.

Into The Odd has a licence/SRD here:

I started thinking "I'll just make this stupid thing" and I've spent hours on it now. It's still stupid though.

Maybe I'll submit this and then do a really low effort one tomorrow morning.

Not sure whether there's a better place to report issues, but the scroll tool hasn't worked in Safari (OS X 10.15.5) for the last couple of versions for me. Holding space does give the grabbing-hand pointer and removes the cross-hatching, but click-dragging does not scroll the map.

Works fine in Firefox.

I would also like to know about this - it's been mentioned.

I'd like to push (politely) for a cross-platform downloadable tool - I am on a Mac and a lot of similar apps are Windows-only.

As a note for anyone considering this, pico8 executables can easily be over the limit, but from my tests exporting to html has always gone under 1.44mb. So do that.

I don't even know how I submitted this game and it's not finished but whatever.