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Love this! Any chance you'll release a full-color version?

The image on the Itch page looks beautiful.

Any reason you don't simply create a two-page PDF?

Terrific work!

Yes. In fact a few of the "bigger" hacks coming to this jam will be priced. 

Just call it a character sheet + rules for Electric Bastionland... I think that's what other folks have done.

Go ahead an submit!

By the way... There are some real nice folks on the ItO server who are fluent in French that would probably be happy to help make an English version....

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Thank you!

Checkout the BastionJam going on right now if you're into this sort of thing!

If the game is a hack, go wild. Mix and match. As long as it has bits of Into the Odd in it, I'd say it's fine.

For content, try to keep within the basic rules (which are pretty lean already). That means auto-hit damage, three stats, failed careers, etc. That said... Who cares? Do what you like. Chris wrote a blogpost about what are essentially classes the other day, and the game was still the same otherwise.

Basically just absorb the rules and twist however you like. Maze Rats was based on Into The Odd, but became something completely different in the end. I'm pretty sure Ben Milton still considers it a hack, though.

Have fun! 

This is great! You should turn it into a project!

I also wonder if you should put this in physical games, rather than Assets?

Btw I added your sheets to my ItO collection.

Isn't it New Pound?


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I feel you about not having a lot of time. First off, let me point you to the Into The Odd Syllabus. I try to keep it up to date, so if it isn't please let me know! 

Now, as far as maximizing understanding within a limited time.

  • Chris produced a wonderful podcast series with the release of EB. It does a good job of "deep diving" how the setting and mechanics work together.
  • Chris ran an actual play for the creators of Mothership RPG.  Also available on the podcast.
  • This series of building Bastion boroughs, Deep Country, the Underground, etc.
  • Join the ItO Discord and ASK QUESTIONS. We love to help. 

If you do build a Desktop version, I'd be happy to test a linux version.

Ah, I'd forgotten about that!

I don't actually see issue 4 anywhere, though.


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Under parent's faith, Islam appears twice.

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I'd like to submit my free dungeon:

It's all good!

Will owning the PDF make the purchase of a print version any cheaper?


Could you elaborate a bit on what this about?

It seems cool, but I think a preview (1-3 pages) and longer description would net higher downloads, at least from me!


Are you considering releasing this under an open license (CC-BY-SA or otherwise)?

Just curious.


I would love this on English! I know it's based on an existing English game, but the layout is so good!

I just bought a physical copy from Exalted, do I get an PDF copy as well?

Sorry if I'm dense and not getting it! 


You uploaded Reverse Beastmaster PDF.

I think a separate d6 roll for class & hp would make this a bit more interesting, the combinations would be fascinating.

Is there anything beyond the cover JPG?

Any chance of a Linux build?