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That would work, though I wonder if a mechanical representation is any more effective than simply narrative effects?

I think some screenshots would really help sell this!

There, hope it helps!

Could you post more screenshots? It would help people know what they're getting into!

Phantasy PDF is blank!

Haha, are you also a parent?

That would be awesome!

Send me the markdown or whatever text format and I'll create a booklet! 


This is fantastic!

I'm definitely printing the color! I want to make a booklet of sorts.

Thank you for making it print-friendly (ish) with the latest update!


ah yes you're looking for this

Dyson just released some new business card maps!

Might be a fun way to show your creative appreciation!

No screenshots? No real description? Why would someone buy this without either? You should do one or the other, it will help!

Genuine suggestion as it sounds interesting.

Is there supposed to be a PDF?


It can be whatever you want it to be, so long as it uses a Dyson map from that list. 


Licopeo could make an official French version of the character sheet. I can ask him if you wish.

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Its Deutsche Gothic. 

It appears as an image in Affinity because I imported it from an older version of the file.
I used Alegreya for the font in the book. 

Yes there is nothing listed but I believe the project was begun in earnest! That said, you have my blessing (and the original files!).

That would be wonderful! You can follow the Localization guide here, and we have a very active community on the NSR discord.

There was a French translation in the works already (see the localization channel Cairn category), let me know if you'd like to collaborate! 

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Thank you much!

May I also suggest Homebrew World by Jeremy Strandberg? It was a sort of reaction to OSW and I really love it.

Take a look at the FAQ!

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We have the translated SRD, but no one has gone ahead and done the layout yet!

Please join us in the NSR discord and we can talk localization! There are other Brazilians there as well.


This is categorized as Physical Game, which it most certainly is not!

Just FYI.

I'd love to see some preview images!

That is definitely a typo!

It should say "When you prepare a spell..."

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Is it called Crowns or Hamlet of Heroes?

It says the latter in the PDF.

Oh, that's because I cleaned up the URL. Fixed!

Minor typo on the Welcome page. "Island o Pyragora" instead of "of Pyragora."

I do not use levels, or XP.

Characters advance according to the fiction (mechanically or otherwise). The only exception is use of the Scars table.

Cairn community · Created a new topic Cairn SRD
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The Cairn SRD is officially available!
Hack away.

This is a fabulous review. Thank you. I am planning a bestiary (about 10 monsters written and illustrated thus far) and have finished about 60% of an adventure.... release date uncertain.

An absolutely incredible list of old school monsters.  Added to resources.

Not the current version, but the next shipment will.


I am giving the book away for free! It's also CC-BY-SA and all the art is public domain.  Folks can do with it what they will.

As for more content.... It's coming. An adventure and bestiary. In the works!

Print version should go up this week!

Haha, thanks.  I got some negative feedback from someone on DTRPG, so I wanted to be mindful :).

Yeah I just fixed it! Uploading now (text should be centered elsewhere).