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The idea is that they didn't used to be blind, before the caves.

The player's guide is already available. You can get it from the Cairn website.

The pre-order store will be up very soon as well if you missed the Kickstarter.

Because CAS-1 was written and published before CAS-2. It takes place in the same world as well. It just so happened that CAS-1 was chosen for inclusion. In the future it won't matter, since CAS-1 will be available for download (it's been finished for like 4 months).

You should put these in the forum for the original adventure as well.


Gracias! Y gracias Mario!

Oh that's weird. Will fix!



Yeah the primary difference is the focus on WIL. But still, I see your point. I'll think about it for 2e.

A preview or screenshots would probably help people decide whether to spend $5.

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Absolutely, I can even forward chs (or cn, or whatever you prefer) as a subdomain (like for Italian).

Find me on discord for more.

I think that's some kind of VTT? Check this one out:

Thank you SO much! I will upload them with credit.

If we bought the physical games will we get this update as well?

Those are going in the Warden's Guide.

That's how it is spelled! I see a typo in one of the tables though, nice catch!

Yes that's totally fine.

Why only 99 spells?

Yup! This partly inspired me to make this jam. 

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Amazing! Please make more. With poems, of course!

Not really. If you think of one feel free to use it!

They aren't balanced. Sometimes PCs run away. Sometimes they need to find solutions other than violence and combat! (ps you'll likely get a variety of responses on the Cairn discord)

You rule. F that other person. 

You just gained a sale!

Sure thing, send it to me and I'll take care of it tomorrow.

You can definitely distribute it!

It's in the original public domain jmage by Wilhelm Jordan (born 1861). Any meaning thereof is in the eye of the beholder.

Beautifully presented, and I love the system neutral + optional bestiary. Can't wait to see it in print if possible.

I think I ended up cutting them. I don't remember, it was a long time ago!

You are welcome to make a translation. I don't have a plaintext version but I'm happy to share the individual files (I made it in Google Draw).  You can copy the text from each page.

This is fixed btw.

Huh, that's super weird. I wonder if it pulled in author information from other stuff I've done?
I'll look into it.

you can find them on the Cairn website -

There is not. But folks are welcome to do it themselves!


You should join us on the Discord - link on the website!

Fatigue takes up a slot, and can only be removed upon sleep. Slots occupied by Fatigue cannot be used for items. If a PC has no slots available and takes Fatigue, they drop an item to make room.

A character with 10 slots full has 0 HP.



does this help?

Maybe it's just me but I read it as "It is the year 1472 Dracos Domini, and the land of Ballark is bathed in unrest."

So maybe a comma? Could just be me.