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That is definitely a typo!

It should say "When you prepare a spell..."

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Is it called Crowns or Hamlet of Heroes?

It says the latter in the PDF.

Oh, that's because I cleaned up the URL. Fixed!

Minor typo on the Welcome page. "Island o Pyragora" instead of "of Pyragora."

I do not use levels, or XP.

Characters advance according to the fiction (mechanically or otherwise). The only exception is use of the Scars table.

Cairn community · Created a new topic Cairn SRD
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The Cairn SRD is officially available!
Hack away.

This is a fabulous review. Thank you. I am planning a bestiary (about 10 monsters written and illustrated thus far) and have finished about 60% of an adventure.... release date uncertain.

An absolutely incredible list of old school monsters.  Added to resources.

Not the current version, but the next shipment will.


I am giving the book away for free! It's also CC-BY-SA and all the art is public domain.  Folks can do with it what they will.

As for more content.... It's coming. An adventure and bestiary. In the works!

Print version should go up this week!

Haha, thanks.  I got some negative feedback from someone on DTRPG, so I wanted to be mindful :).

Yeah I just fixed it! Uploading now (text should be centered elsewhere).

Cairn community · Created a new topic Scrolls
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A suggestion, gleaned through playtesting. 
Scrolls are similar to Spellbooks, however: 
• They do not take up an inventory slot.
• They do not cause fatigue.
• They disappear after one use.

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There are actually four body slots if you include hands. You could have Chainmail (2 armor/bulky) and and a helmet (1 armor/slot), using three total slots, and a fourth for whatever weapon. Of course, if a player wanted to use two slots (e.g. for a bulky weapon) I'd let them; fictionally I'd say they would just carry less in their backpack because of the cumbersome nature of all that armor + weapons. 

I guess the Cardinal Rule is: fiction first. If the PC was mutated (and sprouted an extra arm) I probably wouldn't give them extra slots, but I would let them wield three knives. 

PS I kinda assume stuff like Plate Mail has a helmet attached (since it gives 3 armor). I'd even be OK with saying that Chainmail (2 armo/bulkyr) + helmet (1 armor/slot) sorta combine together, and use one backpack slot. Of course, different Wardens will rule as they see fit.

Is the image preview the only download link?

Minor typo: "In the Wasteland Covenant, explre your..."

Should be: "In the Wasteland Covenant, explore your.."

Thank you!

Is the art CC-BY-SA as well as the text? I'm wondering, as some of the weapons are really great and would work really well as tokens for online play. I'm always looking for some (like that sweet sling in Shadowlords) to distribute in my own free game, Cairn.


I also changed "weeks' time" to "week's time" after my wife (who has a fancy degree in English) corrected me.

Oh, and I uploaded tokens (including some extras) as a zip, for online play.

Cairn community · Created a new topic Cairn Resources
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Cairn Resources have been moved to the official Cairn website.

Minor typo for shield:

"brake once for defence, requires 1 hand"

You should post a preview.

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Oh that's a great idea. And yes I've found that as long as you give a simple 1 HP per HD it seems to work out well (and all credit goes to Into The Odd being so brilliant). I like to add +2 HP to larger foes, as well.

Night Reign community · Created a new topic Previews

For that price you should post previews. Most people won't buy something unless they see some pages!

Consider putting this in Physical Games, not Books!

I suggest you put this in physical games, not books!

The "pipe" between Faremont and the subtitle makes it looks lke:
"Faremont I an Electric Bastionland borough"

Wonderful job, though!

Yes, absolutely.

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Love this! Any chance you'll release a full-color version?

The image on the Itch page looks beautiful.

Any reason you don't simply create a two-page PDF?

Terrific work!

Yes. In fact a few of the "bigger" hacks coming to this jam will be priced. 

Just call it a character sheet + rules for Electric Bastionland... I think that's what other folks have done.

Go ahead an submit!

By the way... There are some real nice folks on the ItO server who are fluent in French that would probably be happy to help make an English version....

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Thank you!

Checkout the BastionJam going on right now if you're into this sort of thing!

If the game is a hack, go wild. Mix and match. As long as it has bits of Into the Odd in it, I'd say it's fine.

For content, try to keep within the basic rules (which are pretty lean already). That means auto-hit damage, three stats, failed careers, etc. That said... Who cares? Do what you like. Chris wrote a blogpost about what are essentially classes the other day, and the game was still the same otherwise.

Basically just absorb the rules and twist however you like. Maze Rats was based on Into The Odd, but became something completely different in the end. I'm pretty sure Ben Milton still considers it a hack, though.

Have fun! 

This is great! You should turn it into a project!

I also wonder if you should put this in physical games, rather than Assets?

Btw I added your sheets to my ItO collection.