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Star and Light 1.0

Star and light 1.0 : The Red sacrifice is a puzzle flash game from Africa · By K.hermann

Wish I could play this game.

A topic by a_guy_and_he_does_stuff created Jun 22, 2020 Views: 201 Replies: 4
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Can't find a standalone shockwave flash player anymore, so I can't try this game out. Shame. Does anyone know where to get one?


Hello ! 


Its the creator of the game

Sorry about this, yes the game is from early 2011, swf games were popular back in that day but yes flash is dying and i'll upload a new version wich should be playable i hope

Take care (in the mean time, try using firefox or chrome ? if not try the software "SWF Opener" )


Try redownload the game, you should get a new file

star and light 1.0 final WIN EXE .zip 

Get this and try, it should work ! If any problem please tell me

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If you still wanna run the SWF file directly, you could try the standalone “Flash Player projector” from Adobe’s debug downloads.

Edit: I just realized/remembered that SWF stands for Shockwave Flash. And how weird that they used to be two separate things.


Yeah but in any case, the game have an exe version now, not ideal but it should work