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I still don't see it. I've got a follow button, collection button, and "view all by bitter", but no rating button.

I cant find the rating button but once i do i'll give this 5 stars

All the references here were really good.

I thought that spiral of ants might be kinda funnier if the third level was a spiral like the 1st and 2nd, and then every level was just a spiral with more and more loops, and on the third level spiral of ants starts playing or something. Mostly because I wanted to sing while playing. But that's just me.

Hey, this is fun. The fact that you progressively build upon the old by simplifying designs into new pieces makes this very interesting. It might be a good concept to build a game with goals on.

Can't find a standalone shockwave flash player anymore, so I can't try this game out. Shame. Does anyone know where to get one?

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Interesting idea. The execution was very on-the-nose, so to speak - so I would have liked more subtlety.

The message at the end of each game would work better if each life was much longer.

Though, the game is alright for what it is. The morals behind it are rather bleak, though they harbor some greater truths.

It's called a game of chance because it (and life) are out of your control. I think that's worth something.