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Indie Project Planning Ideaboard · By SolarLune

Relational diagrams

A topic by exit created Jun 21, 2020 Views: 134 Replies: 4
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Hi SolarLune,

The software is excellent, so thank you for making this. If I could request a feature; currently tasks are grouped (and therefore progression behaviour by extension) when they are stacked. I think this is fine as default behaviour but I was wondering if it might be possible to link tasks that are not physically near one another.

Something like the following was what I had in mind:

Happy to clarify further if needs be.

Thanks again :)

I think this is a great idea, I also think that the line tasks would be perfect for implementing this as well. Perhaps a secondary option for line tasks called "link tasks" where, if checked, would have this function, and if unchecked the line task would merely be a visual aid. 

I'm late to reply to this - apologies~! So lines should be able to link between Tasks to indicate parenthood / dependency, like indentation currently does. That's definitely a cool idea, and would allow for more spatial control over your plan; I'll add this to the list!

Hi SolarLune,

Thanks for considering my suggestion. I hope it is possible to implement but I understand if not. The software is still working exceptionally. Thanks very much for everything you have done with this to date.

Keep well :)

Hi Galazar,

Yes, I think optional functionality would be preferable, if possible.

Thanks for your comment :)