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{Revenue Sharing} [Programmer] [JavaScript] [Html5] and potentially [Unity] Need someone to help me make web versions of my games

A topic by Raphael created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 158 Replies: 2
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So I'm pretty okay with Java and have finished one game and am working on a few others, but I'd really like to make them playable in browser (especially the one I've already released if you go look at it, because I don't really think it's the type of game that people would download on their computers but it is a pretty fun game just to play). Unfortunately, Java applets don't really work anymore, Unity doesn't work on my computer, and Html and JavaScript are for some reason 100x more confusing for me than Java. I've been able to make Pong and Snake according to tutorials and kind of understand what's going on,  but I can't figure out how do add as many objects as I have in my current published game, or in any of my other games.

Basically, what I'm looking for is for someone who can take the games I've made in Java and make a version of them that is playable in browser--preferably with Html5, but I guess if you can do it in Unity, too. I want to upload it to my account, but I'll give you credit for translating it to something playable online. I'll also make the status "donation suggested" (so people CAN get it for free, but they can also give us money) and you'll get 70% of the earnings on the version you made (but none of the potential earnings on the original Java version). You can also put it up on your account and do whatever you want as far as money goes (ie you can make it free OR keep 100% of the profits) as long as you credit me for the original idea and the Java code. I can send you the Java code to look at if you want, and I intend to read the code you make through Html and JavaScript (if that's how you make it) to help me learn more about the language.

Pretty much all of this is negotiable. Feel free to reply to this thread or DM me on Discord at rmerg2000#5411.


I'd be interested in working with you. Examples of my work are at and

Let's talk about it further over discord. I'm rmerg2000#5411

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