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searching for long term ttrpg collaborator

A topic by sellmanatlas created 24 days ago Views: 140 Replies: 1
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I'm looking for someone to collaborate, with me, on ttrpg projects.  I recently co-wrote a bob style game and completed fulfillment for its successful zine quest kickstarter. This process made me realize I work way better with a collaborator, so I'm starting a search for one. For me, collaboration would look like regular voice calls to talk through the game and its mechanics with minimal writing taking place outside of that. As for the type of games, I lean more story games and prefer games that are specific. I'm happy to pick a new idea for us to work on, but if you are interested in what I've got bouncing around inside my head at the moment; I'd like to write a atla inspired game, a game that is traditional fantasy fitd, and a game where your characters end up in a better narrative position.  Hope to hear from you!


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Hey! I'm totally interested in collaborating in working on ttrpg projects, I haven't done much work in designing my I have been playing ttrpgs for the last couple of years and looking to sink my teeth into more design projects

Feel free to contact me on discord if you are interested: Yohini#4760