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The Wretched Dice

A tool to run 100d6 dice for Wretched & Alone games · By Nicolas "Gulix" Ronvel


A topic by Matthew Gravelyn created Jun 14, 2020 Views: 275 Replies: 1
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Hi there! I'm new to W&A games, so I apologize if this was discussed elsewhere, but I wanted to clarify this tool. I'm assuming each roll/store is a stand-in for a block pull, is that correct? 

I also wanted to ask why the roll & store were separate buttons. Would you ever roll and not store? I know I would appreciate the tool a lot more if it was a single button press.

Also, I feel like the reset button should have a confirmation prompt so you don't accidentally reset.

Thanks for sharing this! Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Thanks for the feedback.

I developed pretty quickly that tool, and that may be down to that reason for what you experienced.

I wanted the player to get a glimpse of their roll, to see how many 1s they rolled. And by putting the ones directly in the "stored" part doesn't fill right. I could do a transition, but my html/js skill is a little rusty on that part.

I will see if I can enhance this however, and I add it to my todolist, as well as the confirmation of the reset. Anyway, the code is open on github :

And I happily accept Pull Requests and Issues for ideas