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first try on Linux

A topic by mickrodot created Jun 14, 2020 Views: 326 Replies: 2
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So far I tried the Linux version only.  The game sounds interresting but hard to get.

Like I am a bit lost about "movements". The visual feedback doesn't say much about. And the sounds may be more effiscent. But I am still confuse if it is my steps that I heard or other feedback.

Also when I move  "fast" sounds are overlapping or restarting at beginnig untlil there is not anymore sound. By  "fast" I mean to keep going forward pressing  'W'.

Developer (2 edits)

Hello! Thanks for playing soundStrider! I’ve only tested it on an Ubuntu VM but I’d love to play on a real install soon.

Here’s a bit from the game manual about the navigational sounds you’ll hear when starting a new adventure:

Every new adventure begins with a brief tutorial quest that introduces the basic mechanics and sounds to expect.

Immediately ahead is the first waypoint. The compass reacts when turning away from it. A notification sounds when stepping into the waypoint to indicate a change in objective. To complete the tutorial, navigate to the second waypoint to place the first breadcrumbs and hear the world come into focus.

As an audio game it’s accessible for folks who are blind or visually impaired and can be played closed-eyed. Its graphics visualize the sound for sighted folks in a way that’s pleasant without giving away spatial cues.

Currently the game is in early access. Part of that is mixing the audio so it’s accessible for all. In a recent update an audio mixer was added so folks can experience it their way. This includes changing the levels of footsteps and other sounds.

Today’s beta adds a Performance Settings screen which includes a Render Distance option to adjust the number of simultaneous sounds. Reducing it should improve issues with stuttering or drop-outs on machines that don’t meet its recommended system requirements. If you run into more issues, please copy a bookmark to your clipboard, and paste it here so I can troubleshoot further.

Otherwise, please let me know how I can help, and enjoy!


Hi again. I updated my response to include a bit about the navigational sounds you’re hearing. Apologies if I misunderstood at first.