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I was not convinced by the pitch… but I stayed stuck on for more than 2 hours. Nice nice nice

As going to the itch game page with firefox works. Which confirm that is an itch installer issue.

My system is up to date:

  • itch@25.5.1
  • butler@15.21.0
  • itch-setup@1.26.0

Cannot install the game on Linux. Seems that the installer cannot find any files.

Wow! very good game. I never played text based game since the 90’s.

It was 22h when I joined the Away Team first time. 2h at the morning, my eyes was trying to read one more line. To continue the adventure a little bit more. So immersive.

English is not my native language. So I could not imagine to get hooked that fast and that long.

I did my first run. 4 crew members have been safely arrived. The other left us with good memories.

Not sure if I get to another trip. However it was really interesting experience.

Thanks guys.

Moved the bottom screen kill zone down 4px

How many lives will be saved then?

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unable to find the file could be due to bad installation. You could try to re-install.

unable to find the file looks as the begenning of the standard itch launcher error. This the error message is much longer. Could you paste it here?

Also you could try to run the game via the command line. Error message could be more help full this way.

  • Open a terminal
  • go to your ich directory (1)
  • cd celeste
  • ./Celeste

note 1: if you don’t know where is your itch directory, there is “(cog icon) Preferences” menu at bottom left of the itch interface. Then under “Install Locations” heading, there is a [Manage install locations] button. Click on it to see where your games are installed.

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… ok adding some command line options allowed me to run the game in window mode to reset the resolution.

./Little\ Bug.x86 -screen-fullscreen 0


more options available on Unity website:

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The games crashed on resolution change. Since I got a black sceeen on start. However I can hear the music and effects.

I have tried:

  • icth launcher
  • terminal launcher 32 bits version
  • terminal launcher 64 bits version
  • I re-install from itch
  • I removed the folder, then re-install on icth
  • restart the computer

Is there some user conf file that I can edit to set manually resolution or something?

Worked fine out of the box on Arch Linux to me. What are your error messages?

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That kind of game that’s calling you to buy a NES.

Are those animations real? Is the reactivity that good on the NES?

Very well done on many points. Gameplay, gamedesign, pixel art, music and sfx.

Each detail seems to have been set with care. To reach the gamer happiness.

Morphcat games studio bring to us here this feeling of modern mechanics ported back at the time.

Then you have this coop mode. Which looks to be a lot of fun according to YT videos.

You could also find on the web some speed runs that’s showing how good this game can catch you.

For sure Micro Mages is more than a 40KB NES game challenge.

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wondering why it still didn’t work when game placed in


I looked deeper. the issue was related to 2 similars folder names. On my system I get:


so littlebug executatble got confused between those two

the good news is this little command fix the issue forever:

ln -s ~/games/ ~/Games/


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ok I got it. It is a folder naming issue obviously. But not because of the game folders. But because of my itch folder name

I moved




and it worked out!

maybe the shown error is not the real one. There are some shared lib missing. WDYT?

On side, I managed to run your game from wine. As linux user that’s never the best option.

Anyway it’s pretty neat. Good job.

via the itch launcher or from the command line, the result is exactly the same: it cannot find the data folder :(

Yes I tried the 64bits version. But that doesn’t work neither. The result is identical.

The issue is about where the data folder is. I though that could be related to the space char in the naming.

I don’t have any idea how to debug something here.

My shell locale is set to en_US. UTF-8. So I believe that the encoding is good enough.

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Cannot start the game on Linux:

~/games/ Content/|⇒ ./Little\ Bug.x86
Set current directory to /home/mickrodot/games/ Content
Found path: /home/mickrodot/games/ Content/Little Bug.x86
There is no data folder

However there is a data folder full of data!

~/games/ Content/Little Bug_Data|⇒  ls
boot.config                level12  level2  level9            resources.assets.resS      sharedassets12.assets    sharedassets17.assets      sharedassets2.resource     sharedassets6.assets
globalgamemanagers         level13  level3  Managed           ScreenSelector.png         sharedassets13.assets    sharedassets18.assets      sharedassets3.assets       sharedassets7.assets
globalgamemanagers.assets  level14  level4  Mono              sharedassets0.assets       sharedassets13.resource  sharedassets1.assets       sharedassets3.assets.resS  sharedassets8.assets
level0                     level15  level5  MonoBleedingEdge  sharedassets0.assets.resS  sharedassets14.assets    sharedassets1.assets.resS  sharedassets3.resource     sharedassets8.resource
level1                     level16  level6  Plugins           sharedassets0.resource     sharedassets14.resource  sharedassets1.resource     sharedassets4.assets       sharedassets9.assets
level10                    level17  level7  Resources         sharedassets10.assets      sharedassets15.assets    sharedassets2.assets       sharedassets4.resource     sharedassets9.resource
level11                    level18  level8  resources.assets  sharedassets11.assets      sharedassets16.assets    sharedassets2.assets.resS  sharedassets5.assets

Any hint?

So cool! thanks

Thanks for the efforts you put on bundle for racial justice reviews. There are so many I think I will spend a life to try it all. 

About Mable in the woods, I don't think people don't like it because mechanics are new. But more because they are new and multiple. Which make it complex to master.

This is making a gameplay ambitious.

Why does people may not click? That's very simple answer: the level design does not hold the gameplay enough to give a nice learning curve.

Next to this we have good physics, a good looking game, well animated pixel art, nice music and sounds.

So as player you can be curious to play through. But I bet that majority of the players will not because of the complex gameplay.

 cannot run the game from the linux version.

At best effort I extrat the rar file, then link right 32 bits libraries then the game try to run with Steam. But I do not have it on Steam. So that fails badly.

Does any one run it on Linux?

So far I tried the Linux version only.  The game sounds interresting but hard to get.

Like I am a bit lost about "movements". The visual feedback doesn't say much about. And the sounds may be more effiscent. But I am still confuse if it is my steps that I heard or other feedback.

Also when I move  "fast" sounds are overlapping or restarting at beginnig untlil there is not anymore sound. By  "fast" I mean to keep going forward pressing  'W'.