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Thanks for the efforts you put on bundle for racial justice reviews. There are so many I think I will spend a life to try it all. 

About Mable in the woods, I don't think people don't like it because mechanics are new. But more because they are new and multiple. Which make it complex to master.

This is making a gameplay ambitious.

Why does people may not click? That's very simple answer: the level design does not hold the gameplay enough to give a nice learning curve.

Next to this we have good physics, a good looking game, well animated pixel art, nice music and sounds.

So as player you can be curious to play through. But I bet that majority of the players will not because of the complex gameplay.

 cannot run the game from the linux version.

At best effort I extrat the rar file, then link right 32 bits libraries then the game try to run with Steam. But I do not have it on Steam. So that fails badly.

Does any one run it on Linux?

So far I tried the Linux version only.  The game sounds interresting but hard to get.

Like I am a bit lost about "movements". The visual feedback doesn't say much about. And the sounds may be more effiscent. But I am still confuse if it is my steps that I heard or other feedback.

Also when I move  "fast" sounds are overlapping or restarting at beginnig untlil there is not anymore sound. By  "fast" I mean to keep going forward pressing  'W'.