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Our Pantheon

A GMless TTRPG about gods creating a world and the people in it · By D. W. O'Boyle

Released version 2.1 is still version 2

A topic by Uraak created Jun 13, 2020 Views: 71 Replies: 2
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The title is self-explanatory. I have begun my first playtest of the game with my little brother and am very intrigued so far, at first I thought 5 rounds was going to be too little, but after going through it, at least in the forst age, 5 rounds is just enough for me. Anyways, I thought you should know this since you are reaching out through the bundle, where I found you, and said you had fixed all of the typos and yet they are still there xD. Very excited to see how far you take this game and can't wait for my next session!



Thank you for the feedback! I don't think I'll ever claim to fix ALL the typos. haha. I've definitely noticed some more in the months after that release.

The differences between 2.0 and 2.1 are small. 2.1 was more of a "balance patch".  The next version is going to be essentially a complete restructuring of the game.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Please feel free to share the world you both created in the Share Your Worlds thread if you would like.


Oh alrighty, that makes sense.

 Sure! When it's done though, we're still in the first age with much ground to cover. Sorry for the late reply.