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Happy's Humble Burger Barn

Manage customers in this PSX themed Burger Chef Simulator! · By Scythe Dev Team

Interesting Game

A topic by AseRebellion created 64 days ago Views: 102 Replies: 1
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This game is remarkably interesting and quite the horror game that starts out with a fairly tense atmosphere that incites a bit of paranoia, which is a great attribute for the horror genre. The game turns more psychological towards the end of the game as the underlying story becomes more apparent. I will say that I wasn't paying much attention to the story towards the end of the video as the framerate was going full potato mode, but I did review it a bit to figure out what I missed, which I will not spoil. Overall, this was a great game with excellent horror aspects mixed with some humorous qualities.


AseRebellion, thanks so much for checking out HHBB, sharing your playthrough, and writing out your thoughts here! Sorry to hear about the frame-rate issues, we certainly optimize with as wide an array of specs in mind as possible. Glad to hear you enjoyed both the horror and the humor.

Scythe Dev Team