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This is an incredible game that combines a dreary environment and an atmosphere of absolute suspense to create one of the most terrifying gaming experiences I've had. 

Thank you for making such an amazing game and I hope you keep up the fantastic work in your future endeavors.

Fun little game that produced a great horror atmosphere. Thanks for the experience.

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I felt like this was an incredible game that an amazing underlying sense of tension mixed with a terrifying atmosphere that were both built upon throughout the gameplay, which accumulated into a fantastic experience. Thank you for the experience and I hope you keep up the good work.

This was an incredible horror experience that left me feeling numb all over. Fantastic job.

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Interesting and at the same time terrifying little game that gave me a couple of heart attacks. I hope you keep up the good work because this was awesome.

Starting off this game had a beautiful environment that was vibrant during the day and downright terrifying at night. The game's atmosphere was also incredibly well done as it inspired a general sense of unease that would morph into paranoia. Overall, this game was quite enjoyable and made for a fantastic experience.

Thank you for the experience and I hope you continue to make other amazing games.

This was an interesting little game that had an amazingly desolate environment, which helped in creating the fantastic atmosphere of isolation and paranoia. The greatest attribute of the game, in my opinion, would be its fairly unique concepts, which I will not spoil here. This said I would absolutely love to see these ideas expanded upon as they are what made the experience unique. (I make similar notes about the game throughout the video and especially in the last 2 minutes, but these are my final thoughts of the game.)


Thank you for making such a fun little game and I hope you keep up the good work.

This was an amazing game with an incredible atmosphere that became more horrifying with each run through. I truly enjoyed this experience, became a little confused on the story, and would love to see more. Thanks for the awesome game and keep up the good work.

Short yet amazingly done horror experience that has one hell of an ending.

I will say that I never encountered the creature in my playthrough... which maybe because I skipped a couple of objectives... my bad. As I did not experience the game to its fullest the only thing, I would think of adjusting would be locking the objectives to be reached in a certain order. Overall though this game was awesome with an atmosphere very similar to Slender. The feeling of knowing something is out there watching you ready to attack but you do not know where or when is an incredible horror experience that was done excellently here. This experience is made even greater with the classic forest at night environment where sudden noises make the heart jump just a bit. This was amazing.

This game is remarkably interesting and quite the horror game that starts out with a fairly tense atmosphere that incites a bit of paranoia, which is a great attribute for the horror genre. The game turns more psychological towards the end of the game as the underlying story becomes more apparent. I will say that I wasn't paying much attention to the story towards the end of the video as the framerate was going full potato mode, but I did review it a bit to figure out what I missed, which I will not spoil. Overall, this was a great game with excellent horror aspects mixed with some humorous qualities.