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Facebook Login

A topic by enosi created May 21, 2017 Views: 398 Replies: 7
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Hey there,

I have a facebook-login for my game. Works perfectly fine on my website etc.

but on it just gives me oauth-error.

So what OAuth url do I have to use here?

already tried all that I found :D



I don't see any games on your account. Are you trying to use a Facebook login on your embedded web game on

Yes, it's still in draft :D

maybe you need to authorize the domain in your facebook dashboard?

I keep having this issue, do you know any workarounds?


You could try the alternative login/sign up method.

Thanks for the response, I've been using Unity WebGL build and Facebook SDK, I have it working with android but I keep getting the same error, how could make it work?

Ive been looking into this issue for so long and came into the conclusion that its impossible to use Facebook api with, if you need facebook integration dont waste your time and find a different hosting service, there are a bunch of free services you can you and will immediately work facebook login.