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[Programmer] [Game designer] Looking for a team for StrangeJam!

A topic by GameAlmostDev created May 31, 2020 Views: 236 Replies: 1
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Hello there😀! I am a intermediate programmer working in Unity and Visual Studio! Recently i saw this cool StrangeJam where you have to make a game with complete strangers! The theme is not revealed yet, because it gives us time to look for a team! 

For now we have

•2 Programmers

•2 Level Designers

•3 Writers

•Musician & SFX needed.

We need more and more people:) it doesn't matter if you are a writer (even if there are 3) because you all will work together:)

So if you are interested feel free to dm me on Discord :  TheProgrammer#6083 !

Or leave a comment down below :)

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