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Is there anyway to promote my game on itchio?

A topic by Rooms4Rockets created May 20, 2017 Views: 532 Replies: 3
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Title says it all


Hello, we don't have any kind of paid promotion if that's what you're asking. The best way to organically promote your game is to get more people to play it from your existing audience, and have them rate or comment on it. More activity on your projects' pages can help them rise up more in our various pages, which can then help your game get discovered by more.

There's a lot of competition for views on's internal browse pages though, so finding ways to get relationship with game reviewers or players can help out a lot.

Also, make sure you put together a nice page that shows off your game and is correctly classified to make sure that when people do go looking for your game there's nothing that gets in the way. If someone lands on a page that doesn't do a good job of showing off the game's best parts, then they might bounce and look for something else.

I wasn't asking that but thanks for the concern - can you maybe put my game on the front page pretty please with sprinkles on top? ;)

I have tried this on  an active reddit thread .. a lot of exposure - for the sale feature:

This is my game here apart from r/GameDeals