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Randomize the character option?

A topic by Reactorcore created May 24, 2020 Views: 140 Replies: 3
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While trying out the Demo, I didn't see a 'Randomize' button anywhere that would allow to me to press one button to reroll the entire character and all their elements into something randomly new.

Is this feature already hidden somewhere or is it planned to be added into the program any time soon?

It would speed up the workflow and allow for quick inspirational templates that can be either used immediately as is or tweaked a little afterwards.



Hello. Thank you for your feedback! This feature is not available right now, and is planned for the future but with low priority. Right now we're currently focusing on adding more customization parameters and more templates first. If there's a lot of requests, we can definitely put it into a higher priority, though!

Ooooo a randomize option would be so good for creating extras/ background characters

Ok. I'm glad to hear that it is planned and makes sense you want to focus on adding more parameters before trying to tackle this feature. I hope more people will request it too.