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I've been using this work-in-progress web app that uses only lines, fills and shapes to create human characters. It has some bugs and has a different style to Mannequin, but it can create some cool results:


Just wanted to share this as inspiration for options / functionality that could be adopted into Mannequin if anything seems interesting in it.

Heres a link to it:
(info page)

Ok. I'm glad to hear that it is planned and makes sense you want to focus on adding more parameters before trying to tackle this feature. I hope more people will request it too.


Okay, so it is somewhat normal behaviour then. I think the performance tweaks were set up as you recommended by default, so I can't get a boost that way.

I understand that speed depends on computer power, but I'm guessing the underlying tech in the program is just set up in a way that each change is a heavy process regardless, especially if you too need to wait 8 seconds per change on average.

If possible, I'd like to suggest some sort of "lite" setting that works faster in general, but constrains the output file in some way - be it flattening the image, turning off advanced rendering or some other method that would produce an image much faster. This setting would be ideal for the likes of me that simply need a quick png image of a character with a transparent background, without needing to go deep on the other advanced features of the program.

I apologize if the above sounds ignorant since I don't know what the program works internally. I would like to work much faster than it does now, even if the quality would be simpler / reduced.


While trying out the Demo, I didn't see a 'Randomize' button anywhere that would allow to me to press one button to reroll the entire character and all their elements into something randomly new.

Is this feature already hidden somewhere or is it planned to be added into the program any time soon?

It would speed up the workflow and allow for quick inspirational templates that can be either used immediately as is or tweaked a little afterwards.



I tried the free demo version to see what the software was like and I'm both interested and concerned. I got the 64-bit version on Windows and it opened up fine, works as advertised, but it is horribly slow to make even the smallest changes.

I change the clothes, I need to wait about 20-30 seconds staring at a loading icon before it loads the changes made. Same for outlines, stroke styles, render refreshes, mouth changes, eye changes, hair changes, pose changes. Everything. Its a painfully slow workflow to make changes to the character. Colors also update with a delay of 5 seconds while changing it in the color picker.

Is this normal operation for this program or is my version bugged?

Will there be any significant performance updates coming soon?

If this is normal, then I'd atleast like to request an option for the program *not* to update the render when I choose the different elements on a character, so that I can save time by not rendering everything for every single action. Instead, allow me to set up the parameters, then press refresh render button manually. 


@Zarkonnen I think it would still be worth releasing. For my purposes / game project, a rectangular map is more important for its shape and information rather than its looks.

Please release it anyway!

Thank you for considering at least. I've spent the last two weeks finding and testing different various planet / terrain generators and so far your one has been the best. If it helps, try this resource: (right-click view source)

Can you add an export to txt and png button?

This generator is so good its planets could be usable directly. If I had a rectangular png map of the surface, I could show planetary locations clearly.