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Could be doable, I'll have to organize the sale in multiple places so this may take some time. The sale price would be 99.00 USD for a week or so.

I've played Clonk Rage for years and its one of the coolest games ever made. This version is essentially "Clonk Rage Plus" with improved compatibility with modern hardware, QoL additions and some content fixes that the old game had lingering.

Despite being released a long ago, this game is still a timeless classic to this day, featuring fully destructible terrain, vehicles, construction, missions, worlds, environmental simulation and dynamic liquids.

Highly recommend it to anyone for a chill singleplayer experience or for online coop.

Entire game is super moddable too!

PatchData option is appreciated, thank you for including that!

Always happy for an update to this game - its the best there is imo!

Neat, got mine activated successfully! thank you

Awesome! That is so cool! Thank you!

I would not have known how to do that without help. Much appreciated!

Thats only one part of it, but super cool nonetheless - helped me understand how to do the glow effect!

Its my fault for making the effect too subtle in the second image. By shading I mean like actual shading/lighting that an artist would do manually to render a sprite to make lighter/darker areas. This animated gif highlights what I meant:

In the image editing program I draw my sprites in I can use effects filters to give the sprites a one-click instant artificial shading as pictured above. I was wondering if Pixel Composer could do something similar or even better.

So lets say I've made sprites like these:

Is there a certain combination of nodes that could automatically apply shading to sprites?

Like in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 that I'm using, I achieved the below result by using "Inner bevel" tool and then selected the red color parts with the magic wand selection tool, duplicated them to another layer and applied gaussian blur on them:  VVVV

Could a similar idea be made to generate automatic shading for pixel-art sprites using Pixel Composer?

(Original raw image)

I saw some nodes that can apply light/shadow/bevel and tried playing around with them but since I'm still such a novice with the program I don't really know how to use anything without some guidance.

I think the nodes could use tooltips for beginners like myself that hint at what a node does and say cases where it could be used.

Got the latest 1.12.1 just a moment ago, but without the ucrtbased.dll file the issue did still occur.

I downloaded the ucrtbased.dll and placed it in the directory and problem was fixed - no more error popups. Program now loads fine instantly.

"Squished first time UI" didn't happen with 1.12.1, though I think it just remembered my settings from the previous version I ran (1.12).

(1 edit)

I just downloaded and unzipped the latest version (1.12), but upon running the exe I got this error:

If I click OK 8 times (it reappears 7 times), the application itself eventually loads, but the aspect ratio is off (I have a 5:4 monitor 1920x1280 resolution):

Everything seems squished, but the buttons/UI seem to work. I can actually fix the issue by maximizing the app window, making the UI normal again. I haven't tried doing anything in the app yet, so I don't know how fully it works without the ucrtbased.dll.

I'm running Window 7 64-bit OS if its relevant.

I looked up ucrtbased.dll and it seems like that its a debug version of that particular file - ucrtbase.dll being the "normal one" without a 'd' at the end of its filename.

EDIT: The problem repeats each time I restard the program, so its not just the first time.

Just discovered this app and I saw there was some sort of automatic shading function to instantly relight the entire sprite.

I was wondering can this app/tool be used to automatically shade existing custom sprites?

As an example I have these guns that I want to shade:


I'm loving this, the screenshot and video even gave a full tutorial on how to do it too!

I'll definitely want to look into this more and experiment with it when I get the chance, this app is like all sprite generators rolled into one super versatile omni generator!

Thank you for making this app!


I stumbled upon Pixel Composer today by chance and the features and potential of this app intrigues me.

On Itch and elsewhere, there are already a few random sprite generator apps - some create top down spaceships, some monsters, swords, faces, etc. On the main page of this app I saw the "Generate" nodes group - could they be used to concoct various generators to create virtually endless sprites from scratch?


No, I just threw that as a general idea.

That said maybe Metal Gear/Kojima related communities might be a good fit since the mechanics and system in Swirl seem to evoke similar-ish gameplay.

Definitely looks exciting! Its worth sharing this game on stealth game communities.

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Better faster stronger with each update. 💪


Will there be some ingame way to check which scenes each character has? I'm feeling like I'm missing out on a lot of cool special content since it requires special lose conditions to trigger.

More exotic grenades and kits were just published for the Offworld Mercenary Arsenal (OMA) series of 3D/2D game assets!

Heres one from the above list:

You may find a lot more on my Itch page:

Later I'll be showcasing sidearms in an upcoming post, slowing moving up in size and complexity of models, so give my page a follow if you're excited to see some bigger weaponry later on!


More models from the OMA series of 2D/3D assets have been released, this time a selection of grenades, rayguns and a C4 charge!

Still plenty more to come, so follow me on itch if these kinds of models interest you.

Here is one of the assets

Find more at

(OMA: Offworld Mercenary Arsenal is a selection of guns, grenades and tool as versatile 3D/2D assets for any project you may have.)

After lots of hard work, I have create over a hundred different guns, tools, grenades and items as 2D/3D assets, featuring pixel art, polygonal models and even experimental voxel models.

I have released the first five, with many more to come soon. Follow my account to be notified of their release.

These are high quality paid assets that can be used in any 2D or 3D project, be it games, video, animation or illustrations.

Here is the first one, the Pistol P7 Kiraric:

The rest you can discover on my page:

Here is a sneak peak to see what models are coming in the future:


Leaf based plants don't make sense in a dungeon. Its like putting solar panels into a basement.

...unless you put UV lights on the ceiling.

When you gonna replace the default renpy exe icon?

It can be done easily with Resource Hacker, a freeware program.

I love the game overall, but I find the text paragraphs far too large to maintain focus during real life intense arousal and fapping - I get momentum going, but then I need to read the next blocc of text while also keeping track of my character's status, while also looking at the images to maintain the overall fantasy active... all of this just overloads my brain and forces me to slow down to able to parse the thicc chunk of text each time, which dampens the mood each time.

I would much prefer shorter max one/two lines of text on screen at once (except if its heavy story exposition) even if it means more clicking. Basically split/cut each existing shown texts into two/three screens instead of one and it should be close to that goal of being far more digestable to enjoy the game.

Keep up the great work!

Currently I'm finding myself going back and forth between the object list and the editor view while trying to pick out the right piece for my model and being like...

  1. "nah, not this piece"
  2. "nope, thats not the one either"
  3. "eh, this one looked a bit different in the thumbnail than I expected"
  4. "hmm close, but the block I'm looking for needs more X"
  5. "ah finally, this one suits perfectly"

And it feels like the same process repeats with every new block that I add to my model - working feels slow and cumbersome. My workflow could be sped up greatly if I had a hotkey to tap and cycle to the next/previous block on the currently opened list of objects - with the block that is in my hand instantly swapping to the next/previous one in the editor view.

Could a 'next/previous block' hotkey(s) be added into Asset Forge or something similar, like 'hold down F + scroll mousewheel up/down' to cycle to next/previous block?

Ugh, I hate double-tap dodging. Its bad enough to ruin a game.

Worst most annoying mechanic in UT2k4 both in how it makes characters jerk suddenly with no anticipation but worst of all how it requires tapping the keys to activate it. Tapping is prone to accidental activations and also gives me carpal tunnel after a while.

Add anticipation delay to dodging, a smooth start (ease-in curve) to make it less jerky and make the control input be instead "Press dodge key + direction tap once" to dodge in desired direction. These steps would solve the issues nicely.

Try escaping to finland, they're guaranteed to be impressed by your project. Some companies will even setup housing and living assistance.

Emphasize that your relatives/friends are in ukraine to catch their eye and speed up the process.

Currently the foreground clouds that float around a level cannot be interacted with at all. They serve as large blind spots that hide projectiles, ships and debris, making them feel very unfair with no way to deal with them.

I would most enjoy it if the foreground clouds would:

1. Disperse/vanish upon player projectiles passing they them, allowing the player to remove clouds manually or atleast temporarily make them 90% transparent for several seconds.

2. Make a cloud become temporarily 70% transparent if the player ship is inside one.

Tried the game for the first time but during the tutorial - notably at the chest opening intermission part - I was unable to click on the actual chests, which softlocked me from completing the tutorial at all.

It could be that my monitor is a 5:4 aspect, 1280x1024 resolution one, which you may not have accounted for.

The behaviour of the problem had my cursor locked a limited area in the lower left quarter of my screen and nothing I pressed on there responded, like the chests where the right most one my cursor couldn't even go to hover over.

I'm on a Win7 64-bit machine if that matters.

Otherwise I was able to disable the tutorial in the options menu and play literally the entire game with no issues, but for some odd reason the tutorial is broken for that chest opening part.

OMG This tool is awesome! With a few batch operations in paint shop pro, the generated sprites can be altered in all sorts of cool customized ways half-automatically.

I'd really want to try making a top-down real time pokemon TCG inspired action game using this tool as basis for the monsters.

I'd love to see a downloadable version for Windows that can remember previous settings and leverage faster performance when its not running through a browser (probably)!

Would love to see an offline version available for download. Super handy for times when internet access is restricted or not accessible.

I've been using this work-in-progress web app that uses only lines, fills and shapes to create human characters. It has some bugs and has a different style to Mannequin, but it can create some cool results:


Just wanted to share this as inspiration for options / functionality that could be adopted into Mannequin if anything seems interesting in it.

Heres a link to it:
(info page)

Ok. I'm glad to hear that it is planned and makes sense you want to focus on adding more parameters before trying to tackle this feature. I hope more people will request it too.


Okay, so it is somewhat normal behaviour then. I think the performance tweaks were set up as you recommended by default, so I can't get a boost that way.

I understand that speed depends on computer power, but I'm guessing the underlying tech in the program is just set up in a way that each change is a heavy process regardless, especially if you too need to wait 8 seconds per change on average.

If possible, I'd like to suggest some sort of "lite" setting that works faster in general, but constrains the output file in some way - be it flattening the image, turning off advanced rendering or some other method that would produce an image much faster. This setting would be ideal for the likes of me that simply need a quick png image of a character with a transparent background, without needing to go deep on the other advanced features of the program.

I apologize if the above sounds ignorant since I don't know what the program works internally. I would like to work much faster than it does now, even if the quality would be simpler / reduced.


While trying out the Demo, I didn't see a 'Randomize' button anywhere that would allow to me to press one button to reroll the entire character and all their elements into something randomly new.

Is this feature already hidden somewhere or is it planned to be added into the program any time soon?

It would speed up the workflow and allow for quick inspirational templates that can be either used immediately as is or tweaked a little afterwards.



I tried the free demo version to see what the software was like and I'm both interested and concerned. I got the 64-bit version on Windows and it opened up fine, works as advertised, but it is horribly slow to make even the smallest changes.

I change the clothes, I need to wait about 20-30 seconds staring at a loading icon before it loads the changes made. Same for outlines, stroke styles, render refreshes, mouth changes, eye changes, hair changes, pose changes. Everything. Its a painfully slow workflow to make changes to the character. Colors also update with a delay of 5 seconds while changing it in the color picker.

Is this normal operation for this program or is my version bugged?

Will there be any significant performance updates coming soon?

If this is normal, then I'd atleast like to request an option for the program *not* to update the render when I choose the different elements on a character, so that I can save time by not rendering everything for every single action. Instead, allow me to set up the parameters, then press refresh render button manually. 


@Zarkonnen I think it would still be worth releasing. For my purposes / game project, a rectangular map is more important for its shape and information rather than its looks.

Please release it anyway!

Thank you for considering at least. I've spent the last two weeks finding and testing different various planet / terrain generators and so far your one has been the best. If it helps, try this resource: (right-click view source)

Can you add an export to txt and png button?

This generator is so good its planets could be usable directly. If I had a rectangular png map of the surface, I could show planetary locations clearly.