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Oquonie is a textless adventure across an intertwined megastructure. · By Rek & Devine

How to know if I finished the game?

A topic by banshun created May 24, 2020 Views: 152 Replies: 1
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First off, I love this game. Amazing ambiance, artwork, music and level design.

I am in what I think is the endgame. I have gotten back to town from the secret area accessible only with the 3 cat/fish tokens. I am a cat in a sweater and have access to all areas. I have found 3 previously locked rooms - 1 with a reference to Hiversaires, 1 with a flower vase that teleports me in various  rooms and a strange kid, 1 with a cute alien figure that teleports me to what I believe should be the 2 developers of the game (but I can't see the credits) - .

The flower in the city seems to not have bloomed yet. I still don't know what the symbols on the maps on the walls mean.

Have I finished the game? Anybody care to point me to somewhere I have not looked or give me some hints?

Thanks for your time, it would be sad for me to have to end my experience like this :(

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Fell in love with every detail here, too.
I'm at the same point now and have no idea.