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Oquonie is a textless adventure across an intertwined megastructure. · By Rek & Devine

How to know if I finished the game?

A topic by banshun created May 24, 2020 Views: 1,040 Replies: 29
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First off, I love this game. Amazing ambiance, artwork, music and level design.

I am in what I think is the endgame. I have gotten back to town from the secret area accessible only with the 3 cat/fish tokens. I am a cat in a sweater and have access to all areas. I have found 3 previously locked rooms - 1 with a reference to Hiversaires, 1 with a flower vase that teleports me in various  rooms and a strange kid, 1 with a cute alien figure that teleports me to what I believe should be the 2 developers of the game (but I can't see the credits) - .

The flower in the city seems to not have bloomed yet. I still don't know what the symbols on the maps on the walls mean.

Have I finished the game? Anybody care to point me to somewhere I have not looked or give me some hints?

Thanks for your time, it would be sad for me to have to end my experience like this :(

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Fell in love with every detail here, too.
I'm at the same point now and have no idea.

I think that the game is finished when you enter the red room. But there are the other secrets.

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wow, it's been a year, time flies!

I don't remember the game too vividly anymore, but I feel that the remaining secret must be related to the maps on the walls in the town hub. They likely trace a route to follow and they might point to an object to interact with (that would teleport you somewhere). Walking and touching things are the only things you do in this game afterall. I ended up moving on sadly, should I have insisted?

You have all the secrets I know of. I still need to map out the game to see if the drawings on walls are for something. Something fun to do after you finish the game is look at the unused files and graphics. There is a Rez person in a cameo folder, and a photo person in a camera folder. I can't find them anywhere in the game so its kinda cool to see something other people might have never seen.

That's cool! I doubt these are unused sprites. I mean, 3 whole frames of animation? These guys are in a room somewhere in the game, there's definitely one remaining secret.

I don't know, I tried to find anything strange in the code. I did find a door component that was noted out, it was supposed to take you to a room with an id of Photo Booth. Though I can't find the room, and when I un-note it an error occurs. Though Rez might be somewhere, and room 15 is not noted. So room 15 may be accessible. I will continue to search for anything cool.

You might not know this, but there used to be a page where the developers had a dictionary of every single symbol within the game. Every picture had a full written explanation. Sadly the page seems to be down, or I can't find it. It might have been useful since the drawing on the map in town has a 3 symbol message from the howl person.

Oquonie might actually be foe instead of for. The little alien creature says foe pillar friend, but it could also just be for pillar friend.

Also from the same page :

Cheat Codes

To input the cheat codes, just type while the game window is in focus. Their purpose is resolve mirror bugs whenever your save game glitches.


Warps you into the lobby.


Erases the current save game.

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You might be onto something. It could be a typo of the developers, since the R key is right next to the E key. Or maybe using the word FOR would have messed something in the code, who knows. I have a theory that entering the room as the correct creature instead of the universal cat could get a different reaction out of our alien friend. Maybe he means that if you want the last pillar, you need to be the right friend. I don't remember what was the correct creature, was it the pig?

I have made some progress with the maps! They are indeed maps, but they only represent  how many doors there are in each room and in how many other rooms they branch as a result. So if a room has 2 doors the line will branch into 2 lines, if it has 1 single door it will simply form an angle into another line. The thing is that every area represents those lines with different geometric shapes, so in one the lines are triangles, in one rectangles and squares and in another they form circles. Another little quirk is that the start of every area in the maps is always unclear and has to be deduced by comparing the doors in the rooms and the branching lines in the drawings.

The map in the town hub seems to be an hybrid of different shapes: the circle would be the area that has a map with circular lines, the curved line would be the area that has a map with diagonals, and the rest of the map is expressed in rectangular lines because the area there uses lines that form 90 degree angles. There are no lines that form triangles since you get to the triangle map area through a teleport. At least I think that's what's happening, I am no detective Conan ahah

One really weird thing is that the "Nemedique" area with the circular lines map has another map! It's hidden behind the freaking cat, the one in the secret room! Either the developer is trolling hard or there's a way to get the cat out of the way. Do you think you could enter the matrix and maybe noclip the cat and interact with the map?

Another confusing aspect is that the map with the triangular lines (the pig one) is really hard to interpret and there's even a little antenna shaped set of lines that I couldn't quite understand.

This is kinda fun trying to look for secrets, anyway it turns out there isn't a map there. I poofed that cat out of existence and it didn't work, the code is also missing a 'Plan' function. I think its just decoration.

aw man, that some pro level trolling from the devs.

Do you think it would be possible to give yourself 3 pig tokens and transform? To enter the room with the alien. Do you remember why was the room closed in the first place?

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The alien was locked by a pillar door, I think you had to collect all pillars minus the one you get from the sweater cat. I will also try to become a pig.

Edit: nothing happened, there wasn't anything different. I don't know what the pig is for.

You have done a lot, Im still trying to map out the first area

Forget what I said about for and foe. Pillar for [insert creature] makes more sense. Maybe it changed from foe to for.

The plan with the pig was to get a similar reaction from the alien to this at 9.20

This is the phone version of the game and as you can see the devs seem to have changed parts of the ending. They even say their name when you talk to them in game.

Yeah, must have been changed when it was ported over. Rek and Dev probably wanted to make the sweater cat area more weaved into the whole game, instead of it being post ending content. I don't know why the credits were replaced with the scribbles.

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Well, I think it might be it from me. I got nothing. I might try entering the alien room as Nemedique since it's pretty easy to pick up 3 tokens in the pig area and come back to town. Problem is I'd rather not do that because I don't remember how I became a cat in the first place, it's been a year. Is it possible to go back to the fish area? I don't remember how I got there.

edit: Entering the room as Nemedique does nothing. I guess they really did change the game from the phone version.

something strange is if you go to a shark when you are a catfish, it teleports you to the room next to the plant. It doesn't matter if there is a shark there or not, just interacting with the seat teleports you.

Also, after you get all the main pillars you can become a catfish, then you need to talk to the big fluffy thing in the lobby to be teleported to the catfish area. I think you can go back to it whenever you like.

Yeah I have gone to the catfish area today, there's absolutely nothing, not even a map.

Did you say that the photo room is numbered 15? Would it be possible to see what room 14 and 16 are? Maybe we could pinpoint where room 15 would be.

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The photo room is a nonexistent room with an ID of photo booth, a bunch of blanked out code mentions Photo Booth as a destination. This is room 15, a creepy room that isn't blanked out in the games code, it might be accessible in game bit it could just be unused but not blanked out. I'll look for room 14 and 16.

Also, the room numbers are not a order of where to go, they are IDs that get used by doors to find a destination to transport to. Room 1 could be connected to room 57. Rooms can also be accessed by strange methods. If you bump into the sharks stool in the lobby while you are a cat fish, you will be teleported to another room within the lobby.

Edit: room 14 is the fluffy dudes room and room 16 doesn't exist.

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In that case I don't know what else to do. I have tried a bunch of things in the meantime, but this game has  many programming quirks that could mean nothing.

For instance, in the bird area there is one last room accessible only by being a pig, which has many doors in the walls that teleport you on the opposite side of the room. Except the one on the far right that behaves differently and puts you in a different tile. It might be the start of a sequence (there are puzzles like that in many games), but I doubt it.

One thought that I had is that the fluffy creature will have a speech bubble for the fish, but not for the other creatures. In theory that would imply that there's a scenario where the strange kid with the horn in the everchanging room and the devs in the red room would have a speech bubble, if approached as the right creature. We know that the devs do say something from looking at the phone version of the game. So the question would be: with what other creatures can you access those rooms.

The everchanging room will always have  a pig wizard  blocking the entrance, unless you are a cat. But the wizard  does give you a pig token, which means I could enter his room as a cat when he is still far away from the entrance and pick up his token after having collected the other 2, then transform into a pig and enter the room with the talking vase before the wizard would position himself in front of the door. Which is what I did and nothing happened ahah. That sucked, but I give myself some points for creativity.

The red room you can enter as fish(there is a token in the crack), as dinosaur man (the shark turns you into it), as a pig and as Nemedique. I've done them all and nothing.

I guess if you'd want to go hardcore you could play their previous game Hiversaires, which would allow you to translate whatever language that guy speaks in (he says LO KI WA). Maybe there's a hint there, but honestly I doubt the devs went that far.

Yeah, I can't find anymore secrets in the code. Here is the final secret I could find, it was supposed to replace the plant with him once you become a nastazie (sweater cat) and bump into the plant. It took a little bit of debugging to get it working, I think it was just a thing they either forgot to test or it was scraped it last minute, he says help unlocked door. Anyway, this was fun looking for all these secrets with you.

That is very cool! Dude, you are basically the Puppet Master from Ghost in the Shell. You mastered this game's code faster than Goku  did the kamehameha. Good luck hacking the FBI or whatever endeavor you decide to take on. See you next game, Space Cowboy

I have no idea if you guys are still around, but I made a map


wow, that's great :).


Very cool. I just played the "uxn" port of the game.

These are the kind of maps I used to make when playing interactive fiction. I love it!

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Shid I just noticed that I forgot to colour the door to the Neomine "wing"