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my friends and I have been thinking about updating the game to actually be a game, but school has made that difficult.

Gusweep will one day have items to be stolen.

I am so sorry. We finished this at 2:00 am and I completely messed up the export. The correct download should be up now. There isn't much to it due to time constraints, but my friends and I had fun so that is all that matters.

Yeah, I can't find anymore secrets in the code. Here is the final secret I could find, it was supposed to replace the plant with him once you become a nastazie (sweater cat) and bump into the plant. It took a little bit of debugging to get it working, I think it was just a thing they either forgot to test or it was scraped it last minute, he says help unlocked door. Anyway, this was fun looking for all these secrets with you.

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The photo room is a nonexistent room with an ID of photo booth, a bunch of blanked out code mentions Photo Booth as a destination. This is room 15, a creepy room that isn't blanked out in the games code, it might be accessible in game bit it could just be unused but not blanked out. I'll look for room 14 and 16.

Also, the room numbers are not a order of where to go, they are IDs that get used by doors to find a destination to transport to. Room 1 could be connected to room 57. Rooms can also be accessed by strange methods. If you bump into the sharks stool in the lobby while you are a cat fish, you will be teleported to another room within the lobby.

Edit: room 14 is the fluffy dudes room and room 16 doesn't exist.

Forget what I said about for and foe. Pillar for [insert creature] makes more sense. Maybe it changed from foe to for.

something strange is if you go to a shark when you are a catfish, it teleports you to the room next to the plant. It doesn't matter if there is a shark there or not, just interacting with the seat teleports you.

Also, after you get all the main pillars you can become a catfish, then you need to talk to the big fluffy thing in the lobby to be teleported to the catfish area. I think you can go back to it whenever you like.

Yeah, must have been changed when it was ported over. Rek and Dev probably wanted to make the sweater cat area more weaved into the whole game, instead of it being post ending content. I don't know why the credits were replaced with the scribbles.

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The alien was locked by a pillar door, I think you had to collect all pillars minus the one you get from the sweater cat. I will also try to become a pig.

Edit: nothing happened, there wasn't anything different. I don't know what the pig is for.

You have done a lot, Im still trying to map out the first area

This is kinda fun trying to look for secrets, anyway it turns out there isn't a map there. I poofed that cat out of existence and it didn't work, the code is also missing a 'Plan' function. I think its just decoration.

Oquonie might actually be foe instead of for. The little alien creature says foe pillar friend, but it could also just be for pillar friend.

I don't know, I tried to find anything strange in the code. I did find a door component that was noted out, it was supposed to take you to a room with an id of Photo Booth. Though I can't find the room, and when I un-note it an error occurs. Though Rez might be somewhere, and room 15 is not noted. So room 15 may be accessible. I will continue to search for anything cool.

You have all the secrets I know of. I still need to map out the game to see if the drawings on walls are for something. Something fun to do after you finish the game is look at the unused files and graphics. There is a Rez person in a cameo folder, and a photo person in a camera folder. I can't find them anywhere in the game so its kinda cool to see something other people might have never seen.

Sounds good XD

I think that the game is finished when you enter the red room. But there are the other secrets.

I just realized it leads nowhere, though it is a pretty cool story how I got there.

So I found out that you can change some of the code with inspect element, and it returns to normal when you reset. So I was playing with that, looking through the files (I like that ramen guy is called "ramen") and I started playing around with more stuff. At some point I found were the collision is stored and I deleted the "bump" code for platforms with id = 0. Then I just walked to the platform and it moved me off screen, though it wasn't an unfinished place, It was just nowhere.

The code is actually pretty cool and somehow I could understand it, and I've only watched one video to learn javascript.

There is this little path in the catfish room but I don't know how to get there.

Im a wee bit confused. How do I play? I try to enter the building but it gets too dark. If i'm outside the monster is too fast. How do I do it?

Should I also draw the floor tiles. I found that some floors and walls in the beginning area have different textures and I don't know if its just aesthetic or if it has some other meaning. Im wondering this because in the room with that person with the glasses there is a different texture for the middle tile, the tile the person is standing on, and the table.

I keep on seeing these things on the wall. When I bump into it, a drawing shows up that looks like it could be a map, the only problem is that I don't know how to match it up with the rooms around me.

Im also wondering what the floating plants are for.