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Game testing

A topic by Zokerino created 10 days ago Views: 100 Replies: 6
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Hello! I would really like to know what some other people think about my project. Features i can add, bugs, and some design ideas. And tell me if it is even worth it to work at this type of game. Thanks<3

I get an error trying to play your game. I am using NoScript for security reasons, but despite temporary enableing all content for this page, I still get the error.

I would test you game and give some feedback - but not by first buying it, sorry :)

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Uhm. I will make the downloadable version free. The web one was like the game, and the downloadable one was like for support. You can check it now if you want :)

Nice idea.

First I'd like to suggest any type of menu to start and end the game. You will need it later anyways. In that menu you can also have some options for players to change the control for ... flapping(?) ... to another key. For example I'd like to use the space bar to relieve stress of my hand I am using my mouse with. At least have a hint what to do after starting the game. :)

Next would be interaction feedback. One guy mentioned a sound effect. It makes the button more fun to press. You can see this guys video for some ideas: 

Well, keep it up! Depending on what and how much work you put in, that can turn out well.

Thanks for taking your time to write those tips and ideas! I will definetly add some kind of end+start screen, and now i am working at some sound fx, and some interaction feedback.


Nice game!  What if you gave extra points for "skill shots"?  Maybe points for landing really close to a spike, or little bonus point items placed in spots that would be tricky to get to, like between 2 spikes?


This is good.
It's simple and lends itself well.
You asked "Is it worth to work on this game ?" If you are having fun with your project and you care about it you should totally push it further. It's always worth it if you're having a good time :)