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please help

A topic by SifuEismann created May 17, 2017 Views: 189 Replies: 4
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i try to opload my game but there Comes error massage You've configured this page to show a html game but you haven't uploaded the appropriate file! bur i opload Release TemplateData index.html



A playable HTML game needs to be uploaded as a single ZIP archive with all the files in it, including index.html. If you just upload each file one by one, it won't work.

thks for reply i didn t upload one by one just one file witheverything inside like i saw in tutorial i made everything the same way


I dont understand why cant i upload the test game? in mozilla firefox the game play.

you can see the game under www.

i upload three files in one zip

why so difficult to upload a game to ?

need help please


You'll need to give more details if people are to help you. After uploading the file, did you tick the checkbox labeled "this file will be played in the browser"? And two of those are directories, not files. Unity puts a lot of stuff in there. Make sure you packed everything.