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HTML 5 Games and Mobile screen size

A topic by XCreator Minigames created 12 days ago Views: 80 Replies: 2
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Hello friends, I have a game that works in HTML 5 and play perfectly in the browser and almost perfecet in the mobile browser.  But when playing in the mobile the upper part of screen dont show and the game appears cutted, but if I export it to APK works perfectly. The are any HTML5 screen size limitations ? 


Generally for mobile html5 games we set the iframe to fullscreen, so if something is getting cropped it could be related to the JS or CSS of your project page. You’ll want to make sure it can scale to the size of the viewport correctly. Hope that makes sense.

If you have a link to the game so I can take a closer look.


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Problem solved! Thank you for trying to help me. Now every game runs on mobile screen and desktop.