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Poly Drill - A game about Chicago and its violence

A topic by Shorty Dev created May 16, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 3
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Poly Drill is a very early version of a first person game concept based on Chicago and its violence. Low poly type of game, with a cartoonish view of the world it reflects. The game is unfinished, as it is only in the second week of developing. It is just a concept made by one guy with little experience but full initiative.

For now, you can only:

- Explore the map - small part of the neighbourhoods of Chicago

- Draw weapons using [1], [2] and [3] on the keyboard & shoot guns randomly

- Explore the interiors by pressing [E] on the keyboard in front of the houses

The game will include a storyline and a freemode, a variety of shop & house interiors and fun ragdoll psychics for the characters.

I need feedback!

New video!


Looks pretty awesome, and I really like the concept of exploring some darker issues through this cartooney style. Good luck with this!

Thanks! Keep an eye on this game.