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How is snapping supposed to work in version 2 compared to version 1?

A topic by jn2002dk created May 20, 2020 Views: 76 Replies: 1
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First i thought it was just a bug with 2b but since it's also in 2c i'm starting to think i'm doing something wrong here

In version 1, when using the 'building' category blocks, i could easily place windows from the same category as they would snap to what ever surface, even on the UP axis. I'm unable to replicate this in any of the 2 versions. It will snap on ground level only even when using alt, making it a huge pain to place them on any building with more than one floor. It's not a big deal since i can just use the 'walls' category instead but i'd like to know if i'm doing something wrong

Can't follow. It works the same in both here.