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First i thought it was just a bug with 2b but since it's also in 2c i'm starting to think i'm doing something wrong here

In version 1, when using the 'building' category blocks, i could easily place windows from the same category as they would snap to what ever surface, even on the UP axis. I'm unable to replicate this in any of the 2 versions. It will snap on ground level only even when using alt, making it a huge pain to place them on any building with more than one floor. It's not a big deal since i can just use the 'walls' category instead but i'd like to know if i'm doing something wrong

Thanks, that's definitely an improvement

My laptop is affected by this too. Both when running 1.3 and 2b. Specs are i7-8750, 16 gb ram, GTX1060 max q. Even when undervolting it, it still gets temperatures on par with using Cycles in Blender viewport with a complex scene