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Chester Classic

Fight for your cupcakes as you swap Chesters and the art of the world around you in this odd platformer. · By BlueG

It's Been A While

A topic by Bryan Rumsey created May 15, 2017 Views: 97 Replies: 1
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I purchased Chester on IndieGameStand many years ago (maybe 4 or 5) and I absolutely loved it. I believe I had a 100% save file actually. I also remember first hearing of Chester United and getting pretty excited about that. Unfortunately, I ended up forgetting about it and was browsing through Itch today to see Chester One. Not knowing what this was I watched the release trailer and it looked like the old Chester. Then I found the Steam page and saw recent updates, some info about a remaster, and I knew I needed to support the game again. So I went back to Itch and immediately purchased it. Well, I'm kind of rambling here but thanks for making this awesome game and for the updates. Look forward to a purchase from me when you launch United as well.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks a lot for the support, it means a lot!
Unfortunately updates on the remaster have been a little on the slow side, but still making headway on it and really hoping that once that is finished up I may be able to get back to work on Chester United.

Thanks again for the support and congrats on the 100% (should have some new content to explore even for the completionists sometime soon!)