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Should I post my game yet?

A topic by uncleAlias created 15 days ago Views: 113 Replies: 2
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I have a game that's playable and, I think, quite fun for what it is.  But it's also more of a prototype with very simple gameplay.  I've been focused on getting something playable and presentable so that I could start getting feedback and followers early.

But now I'm not sure it will stand out from the other games and worried that it will fall off the "Fresh Games" list without getting any followers.  Do games only show up on that list once when they're first submitted?  Or do they get bumped when you do updates?

If you'd like to see my game page, it's here: ,  the password is "flaparound".


You can bump your game to the top of the list later by posting a devlog marked as Major Release or Update. So it's no problem to publish early, and it can get you some much-needed attention, because even after your game stops being new and fresh, it still shows up in searches by tag, price and so on.

Thanks!  That's really helpful.