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A horror game for the original Gameboy! · By -IZMA-

[SPOILER] Unable to use knife on cultist by the pit?

A topic by Nick Shutter created May 17, 2020 Views: 529 Replies: 7
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So I got the ending where you attempt the ritualistic skinning of 37 people but only find 36. When the protagonist started questioning where another person could be, I thought about the cultist you meet after placing all of the key items on the altars.

So I puzzled out how to get 37 skins while still collecting all 5 of those items. But when it came time to use the knife on the last person in town, the one who tries to get you to throw yourself into the pit, I only had the option to push him.

Am I not supposed to be able to skin him? Is there no true 37 skins ending?

Did anyone ever figure this out? I've kinda just come to assume that I wasn't supposed to be able to finagle my way there during the 37 skins ending but it is possible to puzzle out


haha! its funny you responded today because I just came looking for this comment. 

You arent able to use the knife on that guy, there are supposed to only be 36 and you found something I hadnt thought of haha! 

Sorry for the stress this may have caused and I am going to have a sit and a think of how to solve this. Thanks for playing the game and I hope you enjoyed it! :)

lol, i came here to see if i'm doing something wrong finding the 37th skin, i think that the character were the 37th but i dont find the way to peeled away...

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I did! It definitely burned itself into my brain, and it's cool to see something like this for the system... especially with an upcoming physical release, which is what reminded me of my question here!

IIRC It's not really something you can do on accident, as getting all the altars' key items and killing everyone without locking yourself out of the pit ending is pretty tricky and requires a bit of planning.


haha! Its definitely NOT something I thought about and I wonder if you are the only player who thought to do it! haha. Im thinking it might be fine as even if you stab him he would probably fall into the hole right?

Can we get an ending guide, IZMA? It's been long enough since release, and I like this game enough that I want to be sure I've seen everything.


There was a wiki started but I wasnt involved with its creation so im not sure whats on there or whats planned for it if anything. When My schedule frees up a little I might chuck a guide over there :)