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Crystal Pyramid released on!

A topic by Roadhammer Gaming created May 14, 2017 Views: 143
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Have you ever wanted to play a video game as being ALL of the monsters? now is your chance! Play as the monsters inside a crystal pyramid and defeat any would be heros that wander into your realm! in this episode there are 4 heros to toy with!

Mesher's story:

Mesher grew up in a large city and so was streetwize as well as stealthy and a master of locks and all things mechanical. Mesher also strived to gain all the wealth he could without thought of who it would hurt. He left the city on word of a mysterious pyramid that had landed somewhere off the Kancamagus ridge, supposedly rumor had it that it rests on a huge pile of gold coins! Reaching the pyramid he realized the rumors were true...

Librianna's story:

Librianna grew up in the valley, She became a hero for rescuing an entire heard of Bison who were about to cross paths with a train, She used her emerald dagger's magic to distract the bison, with a flash of green light they halted in time and the train passed. Now, Hearing of a strange object's landing and that some evil force was present inside, she decides to go and eradicate whatever's in there. Just then an inky black slug crossed her shoe, she hated slimy creatures...

Vianna's story:

Vianna was raised in the high mountains and was heir to the ruby palace, a great expanse of naturally made pure ruby cave, and the source of the community's mana force. Vianna's people believed the recent night's falling of the crystal pyramid just 5 miles south of the entrance of the Ruby palace cave that it was a sign and she was sent to scout out if and how to get the pyramid inside the cave. It was scorching hot out but she pressed on, "I hate the heat" she exclaimed.

Rennel's story:

Rennel was raised in the woods with the superstitious lore of the tree dwellers, at an early age he lost an eye in an attack by something other than forest creatures. It all started when the strange crystal pyramid landed in a small and scarce field by an outcrop of glacier-pushed rocks. His brethren tree dwellers were disappearing one by one ever since. "With my unbreakable blue diamond fused with titanium crystal tri-star only the earth's very magma it'self could possibly defeat me!"

Check out the Crystal Pyramid home page for all the details, Happy gaming!