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Burning Knight

Green dumbo stumbles upon a spooky dungeon and descends into it, griefing and stealing everything, that he sees... · By egordorichev

Nice little game

A topic by master Gorak created May 16, 2020 Views: 217 Replies: 1
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It seems like a nice mixture of Enter the gungeon and Pixel dungeon.

There are some issues though

When I hold the cursor over the character, the sword flickers from side to side

It's really dark, even with 100 brightness. Maybe the light sources should emit more light over a larger area

Sometimes I lose track of where my character is in a battle. I don't have this problem in Enter the dungeon, which is a very similar game. The character should stand out more

There should be a map and an inventory

Other than that, it's really nice and I might buy the full version when it comes out. Are you going to publish on GOG?



First of all, this is a pretty old demo at this point, so stuff like sword flickering is fixed :D

There should be a map and an inventory

Well hey, I’m the gamedesigner here, you can only suggest :P Anyway, I’ve added a screen for viewing all your items after releasing the demo. With the map: no. It will ruin the dungeon feeling, sorry about that.

Anyway, thanks for playing! And yes, the game will be released on Steam. ->