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master Gorak

A member registered Nov 16, 2019

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It froze my PC on Linux. I just got a black screen with the mouse visible, but no keyboard shortcut worked

very enjoyable. 

After I finished the part in the forest, it just went to blue screen

I actually figured it out. It needed the version 11.3 of love2d.

wow that was quick, thanks

Doesn't work on kubuntu 20.04

it's a lovely game, but can you please make it so that esc doesn't end the game? I'm used to pressing esc to get out of any menu in other games and here I keep pressing it when on the phone screen. It should at least ask me if I want to exit or not.

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It seems like a nice mixture of Enter the gungeon and Pixel dungeon.

There are some issues though

When I hold the cursor over the character, the sword flickers from side to side

It's really dark, even with 100 brightness. Maybe the light sources should emit more light over a larger area

Sometimes I lose track of where my character is in a battle. I don't have this problem in Enter the dungeon, which is a very similar game. The character should stand out more

There should be a map and an inventory

Other than that, it's really nice and I might buy the full version when it comes out. Are you going to publish on GOG?

ah, I only tried it on numpad, thanks

could you add the option to organise the soldiers into groups? likefor example. when I press ctrl+1 with the soldiers selected, I could select the same soldiers again just by pressing 1.

there's a limited number of soldiers that can be selected at once and it's a little clunky moving them around when there's a lot of them.