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Rocket Theater Rehearsal

A topic by Aloe Vertex created May 11, 2017 Views: 149
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Rocket Theater is a 2D side-scrolling stunt based shooter rendered in full 3d that we've been working on since September 2016.

Pick a map, choose a character, and perform different naturally occurring tricks involving rocket jumping, wall-jumps, grinding on rails, and special mini-games that activate when amassing enough fans to your live audience. Or you can try out our work in progress, the campaign, which currently has 4 episodes, each with 3 missions containing a unique objective.

Our demo release, Rocket Theater Rehearsal, is officially ready for download on our steam page at

In this demo release, play as 2 (soon 3) different characters, each with unique abilities and combo mechanics. The two maps (not including the tutorial level) as well as future maps in development will have their own unique mechanics as well, allowing for those who perform wisely to earn bonus points and other buffs.

Future content (at some point which will be released commercially) such new maps, characters, and tricks, will be introduced into the game through the campaign as new episodes. Play the campaign to unlock all the current content as well as future content when we plan on hitting Kickstarter and Steam in the coming months!

Any constructive feedback is welcome!

And we hope you enjoy the game as much as we do! :D

-Ian Feldschneider (ChromeWing)