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1.4.0 resolution settings

A topic by Carbaugh created May 11, 2017 Views: 242 Replies: 5
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hi geod =) great work on all the development I am excited to try all these new .3dn profiles! just got version 1.4.0 and I am trying to set a fullscreen resolution. I remember as of version 1.2.1 we have to hold the Ctrl key while launching to access fullscreen resolution options. still works the same way. I deselect windowed checkbox, then I see that 1920x1080 is now available. select it, launch program. (beautiful new splash screens by the way). however, immediately after the splash screens the resolution snaps back to 1024x1280. while I understand that's the default 3:4 ratio as NES was, I did like a 16:9 ratio to match my monitors pixels. this also allowed me to zoom in with the mouse wheel button and get a real 16:9 feel with proper aspect ratio. (I did delete the geode registry key and the files in the 'app data > LocalLow' folder. the resolution still snaps back even on a clean launch). thanks for all the great work!

After launching you can switch to fullscreen mode with Ctrl+F, no?

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yes, ctrl+f works fine. but that's after my resolution has already snapped back. and there doesn't appear to be any way to change resolution after the program has launched

just tried 1280x720 fullscreen and that snapped back to a 3:4 ratio, too. it has no problem launching into fullscreen. the splash screen comes up as intended 16:9 resolution, then it snaps to a random 3:4 resolution--still in fullscreen.

I see. It does have different behaviors with different PCs.

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ok, i can say that it worked correctly in version 1.2.1--i would be happy to test every version in between to see exactly where it went wrong for me, when they become available

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Hi, i just rechecked the issue.

If you want to scale the window to full screen change the scaling mode of your graphic card to "Maintain Display Scaling". That's the term of Intel HD card of my laptop. You should see a similar term in your GPU card propertiy panel.