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oops 1 year late sorry but to those having trouble launching a game make sure that it's vanilla US copy not hacked or other regions etc. that's how I solved my launching issues. find a diff version of the rom until one works. yes same name and same directory as the .3dn file

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oh I see, derp. :) thanks!

awesome, great work! :) any chance someone can fill me in on the advantages of the pro version vs the demo version?

absolutely nothing wrong with it. more than reasonable.

as stated it's an amazing idea so let's be thankful for all the hard work and the fact that he provides a free version :)

excited for version 2 :D

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ok, i can say that it worked correctly in version 1.2.1--i would be happy to test every version in between to see exactly where it went wrong for me, when they become available

totally understandable.

i am trying to figure out the most recent versions where certain things worked for me so i am glad to hear they still exist! perhaps a new forum post entitled "version history archives" with links to download each past version

however you decide to share them, looking forward to it--thank you!

I find myself wanting to test various versions to test different things. any possible way you could post links to every version that's been available for download on the downloads page or do you have a link to every version you can post here?

I've had this problem before. be sure that it's the most mainstream US version of the rom you can find. any other region or patched roms have given me grey screen. also your .3dn file has to be the same exact name as your rom iirc

oops! good stuff thanks

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yes, ctrl+f works fine. but that's after my resolution has already snapped back. and there doesn't appear to be any way to change resolution after the program has launched

just tried 1280x720 fullscreen and that snapped back to a 3:4 ratio, too. it has no problem launching into fullscreen. the splash screen comes up as intended 16:9 resolution, then it snaps to a random 3:4 resolution--still in fullscreen.

tried loading a save from version 1.2.1 in 1.4.0 > crash. just tried it in windowed mode to see if crash could be avoided, same thing happened but I noticed this error window pop up:

title bar: "Oops"
message: "The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-05-11_130150" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!"

(on windows 10 enterprise 'creator's update' build 15063)

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quite possibly thanks for the diagnosis! I will try the pro version and see if that adjustment fixes me

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hi geod =) great work on all the development I am excited to try all these new .3dn profiles! just got version 1.4.0 and I am trying to set a fullscreen resolution. I remember as of version 1.2.1 we have to hold the Ctrl key while launching to access fullscreen resolution options. still works the same way. I deselect windowed checkbox, then I see that 1920x1080 is now available. select it, launch program. (beautiful new splash screens by the way). however, immediately after the splash screens the resolution snaps back to 1024x1280. while I understand that's the default 3:4 ratio as NES was, I did like a 16:9 ratio to match my monitors pixels. this also allowed me to zoom in with the mouse wheel button and get a real 16:9 feel with proper aspect ratio. (I did delete the geode registry key and the files in the 'app data > LocalLow' folder. the resolution still snaps back even on a clean launch). thanks for all the great work!

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no big deal here, but I noticed that in the new version of 3dnes, there appears to be some type of stretching or maybe it's perspective instead of orthographic that's different. it's really noticeable in super Mario bros. 1 on openings to the vertical pipes. I checked the depth on my v-cylinders because I thought it might be changed to 40 depth instead of 20 now because it seemed almost doubled. nope, same profile just a stretched image on the front/back axis :o was it orthographic before and perspective by default now? or is there a way we can adjust the scaling on one axis? not sure of the factors/solution but I am noticing a difference :) thanks!

p.s. on a possibly related note, if you run this awesome program in nvidia 3d vision on a 3dtv/monitor like me, you may have noticed our convergence values are totally different in the new version. I had to make a whole new .nip 3d profile. no biggie there either, just an interesting side note. :)

oh and one random question, is the split screen mode for 3d rendering? reminds me of the dolphin emulator :) lots of interesting stuff going on here. best NES emu evar! :D also save/load states are awesome. been writing my dragon warrior 1 profile and it's actually fun instead of a living hell like before when I was constantly starting over lmao. thanks again!

oooh. got it! ^~^b

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nice! that makes sense. glad to hear about multi thread implementation because i have 8 a core cpu lol! i'll stick with 1.1b1 for gameplay for now then. and i'll make my .3dn profiles in 1.2.1. looking forward to the new version =)

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hi :) as of version 1.2.1 I am getting serious input lag even with just the mouse, in fullscreen mode. when I turn the new vsync option off, the lag is gone, but then I get really bad screen tearing. (the lag is more noticeable for me because I have a lot going on lol. I use ps4 controller, run in 1080p stereoscopic 3d with NVidia 3d vision on a 3dtv which is amazing by the way, and stereo sound on in the emulator--probably negligible, and i'm only on a GT640). I noticed, that when I disable 3dnes' vsync, and force vsync on in NVidia control panel, the image is perfect, and there is far less input lag, but the lag is still there control doesn't seem instant (even if triple buffering is also active, there's hardly any difference and lag is still there. but again, much better than the new vsync option in the emulator for me).

I have a theory as to why this is. in all previous versions of 3dnes, there there was seemingly zero input lag. I cleared my app data > loca low and registry settings and went back to version 1.1b1 and noticed that there is no option to set framerate. then I played a game, and realized why there's no input lag. based on experience with other emulators, i think that version 1.1b1 and all the previous versions, had some type of "variable framerate" because I noticed that while playing a game on the old version, it's almost like frame skipping is on and where I would have input lag in 1.2.1 at a steady 60fps, in 1.1b1 it just seems to skip frames here and there, with zero input lag on mouse and controller, and no frame tearing (without even having to mess with vsync options in nvidia control panel).

basically, for me, there was never any screen tearing in previous versions and there seemed to be some variable framerate or frameskipping happening which made my input lightning fast. while i like the option to have a steady 60 fps in the new version, something is happening to cause severe mouse and input lag in fullscreen mode even when a game isn't running, until I turn off vsync. and even then the input lag is still present (but not as bad). I would much prefer whatever vsync / variable framerate / frameskipping was going on before. just a few frames skipped sometimes, but mostly 60fps.

things that I would like to see implemented:

- bring back the variable frame rate, or frameskipping, and previous vsync behavior, or maybe have vsync disabled by default since it's causing input lag, so I don't have to disable it every time I open the emulator and go full screen or just have a way to save the option the way I set it even if I close the emulator
- same with stereo sound. I have to turn it on every time i open the emulator
- it would be cool to disable pan/zoom/rotate etc on the controller because I am obsessive compulsive and since there is no reset view to default options or button I just created a ds4windows profile that unbound my L/R 1/2 and triangle and circle buttons so the view stays perfectly centered at all times even if I press those buttons by accident. an option to disable camera rotation or 'reset view to default' would be sweet!
- an option to clone xinput d pad controls to analog sticks would be awesome! as of now I use joy2key to make this happen. sometimes it can makes games like final fantasy I on the world map feel more epic / comfortable. till you get to some UI/menu selection then d pad is preferable. it's awesome if both are active like they're doing in newer versions of espxe (even if it's not a dual shock game)
- an option to reset sprites/geometry? after using char, v cylinder, and h cylinder a couple times it seems to get corrupted unless I go back to unkown > and click apply twice, but then only unkown block and cube will look normal and char, v and h cylinder won't ever look how they're supposed to again until I start a whole new profile.
- auto layering can be nice, but sometimes it's too busy. disabling it helps, but it's not disabled completely and layers still jump around from foreground to background sometimes (just not as much).

thanks for all your hard work! love this :)