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3d stretching along z axis?

A topic by Carbaugh created Feb 24, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 2
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no big deal here, but I noticed that in the new version of 3dnes, there appears to be some type of stretching or maybe it's perspective instead of orthographic that's different. it's really noticeable in super Mario bros. 1 on openings to the vertical pipes. I checked the depth on my v-cylinders because I thought it might be changed to 40 depth instead of 20 now because it seemed almost doubled. nope, same profile just a stretched image on the front/back axis :o was it orthographic before and perspective by default now? or is there a way we can adjust the scaling on one axis? not sure of the factors/solution but I am noticing a difference :) thanks!

p.s. on a possibly related note, if you run this awesome program in nvidia 3d vision on a 3dtv/monitor like me, you may have noticed our convergence values are totally different in the new version. I had to make a whole new .nip 3d profile. no biggie there either, just an interesting side note. :)

oh and one random question, is the split screen mode for 3d rendering? reminds me of the dolphin emulator :) lots of interesting stuff going on here. best NES emu evar! :D also save/load states are awesome. been writing my dragon warrior 1 profile and it's actually fun instead of a living hell like before when I was constantly starting over lmao. thanks again!

It's very hard to understand correctly the issue without a screen shot :D

Anyway i guesses i can understand what you mean. For the newest version maybe i did adjust the default camera focal length.

So it makes the object look like being stretched in the z axis? Is it what you tried to describe?

If you have the Pro version, you will be able to adjust the camera focal length in the Trinus tab i remember correctly.

I wish i had nvidia 3d vision or 3d tv ... Lucky guys!

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quite possibly thanks for the diagnosis! I will try the pro version and see if that adjustment fixes me