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I used your program for my project

A topic by mif4n created 16 days ago Views: 27 Replies: 1
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Just want to inform you that I started a small tutorial project on creating VNs with RenPy (it's mostly for my  little niece, coz she asked for it :)). And I used Mannequin to create sprites for my short story. Of course, I set the link to your software. It's on YouTube in the video description

I hope to publish the novel on itch once it's done . And mostly I hope to use Mannequin futher and create bigger stories (I have quite grand plans actually X-D ).  Thank you.


Hello. Thank you very much for sharing this, and for linking to us in your video description! We'll keep an eye for it as our inspiration for polishing the app even further. Hopefully the development will continue smoothly!