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Dain-App [Alpha 0.39]

Animation Interpolation powered by AI · By GRisk

Can I enable the slow-motion generation in Dain-App?

A topic by created 28 days ago Views: 147 Replies: 3
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Can I enable the slow-motion generation in Dain-App? For example, I would like to generate x4 slow-motion effect. Is it possible? Thanks!!


You can with a little hack, you need to select Mode 1 or 2 for Frame Handling and for "Input fps" divide the value by 4.

It may not be perfect, since it's a litte hack, but for now it's the only option.

I love the slow-motion feature. I am using it well, but of course the formula generates regular speed footage, i.e. 23fps if that's what the original was. Is there a formula to generate slow motion output (in one pass) that runs at 48fps, from 23/29fps source footage?

The only other way to achieve this is to run the output footage through DAIN a second time, far as I know.  Some clips have very fast-moving elements in them that are still moving fairly fast even in slomo (such as long hair), and they would benefit from 48fps.

This is good idea. Thanks!!