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1920х1080 - interpolate х4 needs 18.8GB VRAM.

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Recently, I try to render 1920x1080 film from 24fps to 144fps (interpolate 8x setting)

1%|         | 906/90011 [15:31:38<6264:55:24, 253.11s/it, file=0000102728.p

1%|        | 907/90011 [16:06:56<20110:57:51, 812.53s/it, file=0000102811.p


1%|        | 912/90011 [17:04:47<24265:53:08, 980.45s/it, file=0000104146.p

1%|       | 913/90011 [18:15:10<48336:48:31, 1953.05s/it, file=0000105397.p

1%|       | 914/90011 [18:19:23<35713:04:01, 1443.00s/it, file=0000107065.p  

1%|       | 915/90011 [18:21:27<25925:17:02, 1047.53s/it, file=0000107149.p  


1%|         | 922/90011 [18:36:13<5016:15:13, 202.70s/it, file=0000107441.p  

1%|         | 923/90011 [18:38:22<4463:26:52, 180.37s/it, file=0000107482.p  

I find that the processing time is varying from 180s/it to 1953s/it. 

Can Dain-App use the double memory of two RTX GPU cards with NVLink bridge? Thanks!!


Good job!  What is the resolution of the original  video? 

If there are two Titan RTX gpu cards with NVLink bridge, VRAM should be double.

Can Dain-App make use the memory pool (unified memory)?

This is good idea. Thanks!!

Can I enable the slow-motion generation in Dain-App? For example, I would like to generate x4 slow-motion effect. Is it possible? Thanks!!

Using RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB + Ryzen 9 CPU 3900 and 700 section size in split frame setting,  it can render 12 interpolated frames in one minute for 1080p 24 fps video into 60 fps. 

Hi, I can render 1080p 24 fps video to 60 fps in Window version.  Now I want move the process into Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu). But I got the following errors. Would you give me an advice to solve the problem?