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Pacts & Blades

A minimalist sword and witchcraft RPG for campaigns and quick sessions · By Lucas Rolim

New Revised Version Sticky

A topic by Lucas Rolim created May 07, 2020 Views: 1,261 Replies: 19
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Hey guys, with great joy a new totally revised edition of Pact and Blade is released. The entire text was revised by Wayne Canepa. And the edition was expanded to 40 pages!!!! Download the new document and please leave your feedback! In addition, any questions and discussions I'll be available on the forum! Best regards, Lucas Rolim!

I really like the new version! Great job!

I found two smaller editing errors:

Page 23: Missing full stop punctuation mark (.) on entry 1 and 5.

Page 27: 'If a there is ever a...'. It should say 'If there is ever a...'

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you Claes, I'm really glad you like it! You are right, any more typos let me know!!

Page 8: Impossible is not written in bold as the other difficulty tiers.


I'm taking note, thank you very much for the contribution!!!

Did you see my comments on the character sheet?

(4 edits)

I’m wondering about the Task Resolution Table on page 9. If we look at the RV for difficulty 5 it says 13. Shouldn’t that be 15? Also, the two columns to the left of difficulty 5 have the same values as the column for difficulty 5. I think they should have RV 13 and 14. And the partial success should follow in the same manner.

It’s interesting to see that partial success increases as the difficulty gets higher. Is that intentional?

Developer (2 edits)

That's right Clae. We have to fix this visual form. But in terms of mechanics it doesn't change much. Since the system does not have + the maximum roll is 12 (2d6), so you cannot achieve total successes and / or feats on difficulty 5 (RV 15), they are only possible on difficulty 4 (RV 12).

About page 9, In the last version there was this typo, but in the new one, I don't see it. The table is in page 11 now, and I think it's fine.

Thank you again!!

Ah, yes, I forgot that you subtract the level from the RV. When do you think the new version will be available? I can take a look if you want another pair of eyes to check the text.

Thanks again for a really cool game!


Gontijo ia working in other projects, but I think that Wednesday I send you a proof! Thank you again Clae!!

I wasn't too happy with the first version, but this revision addresses a lot of concerns I had with it. Good job! And I look forward to seeing how it improves


Thank you man! Some improvements are certainly coming! Stay tuned!

How’s the new version coming along? I’m excited to read it :)


Talking to gontijo, today!! I'm exited too!! Your the best Class!

(1 edit)

Isn’t the second example on page 24 a bit faulty? It says a PC with Path (dagger 10) would have difficulty 4. The calculation is correct but you cannot have more than level 3 in a path, right?


Yes, you're right! Thanks again!! 

On page 35 the word ”difficulty” is missing for the dragon.

Any news about the new version?


Probably Saturday! Can you send me your email? Thanks again!!

About the character sheet pamphlet, shouldn't the "Paths" and "Pacts and Trainings" fields be instead "Path of the Blade" and "Path of the Pact"?

Also, repeating the sheet might be confusing for bookkeeping, might I suggest to replace the one in the first page with background and inventory boxes, in addition to the "difficulty to be hit by opponent" bit as suggested by @Claes in the other thread?

That being said, awesome little game you made, kudos!


You are right! Paths and Pacts/training makes more sense. About the two in one trifold pamphlet should be explained. I'll try to adequate this. And thanks very much for the appreciation. 

Buy the way I just released in DTRPG, a Zine for P&B. And also, it has a supplementary rules that uses Bargain cards fully illustrated that can be bought. Here are the links: