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ooooo, that's so cool. Thanks for sharing! 

that's it, 10d8, than 9d8. And then it continues.

that's it! 

just one, and roll the other one from the highest stack, until their are gone.

You roll all of them. :). Hit and Die by guax and Prosaiko wivh is a skirmish hack of MiniBX also has a very cool alternative (and it is free). I tested 5lvl characters and this works. Thanks so much for asking, hole everything is clear.

good remind! I loved that! Thanks so much! 

After you purchase there, plz send me a email, I will send you a download key here.


It is correct at the plan text though, 

  1. Magic Circles: Archetypes that can channel magic can change circles through levels.

Thanks again for telling will correct very soon.

Thanks for telling, will correct very soon! 

Here is a good thread about it!

Thanks for the interest.

I will let everyone knows. Thanks as always!

It hopefully be available at exalted funeral very soon.

do you work with Payoneer? Send me an email at thanks

Thank you so much!

It has 32 pages. :) You can email for the cupom! Thank you so much. For the pdf you can email me for it at

Thank you so much!!!

For sure, just email me at

Plz email matt he will get it fixed 

Will talk to Matt. Come back very soon.

Yes it is minibx, you have to check out with your email attached to itch also. But printed copies are available only at UK yet. I get that wrong, but soon it will be available for US backers.

If have any more troubles with it, plz email matt from soul muppet publishing at:

looks like it is out of stock on US. It will be available soon (I will send an email). If y'all have any problem with the coupom plz email thanks so much for the interest and support.

hello my friends. Will talk soon with the publisher and get back to you. Sorry about that.

HD is for dice chain counting. But yes you are right about the example, better be +9 I will correct that. Thanks so much again. 

Thanks so much for the feedback Bruno. +Attack can be negative, PCs can also have it. 2d3-3 can overcome as -1. :)

thanks so much!!! 

It was uploading with corrections at the main page. Plz check out there. :)

no worries my friend! I really appreciate tbh. I'm fixing rn. Thanks.

Fixed! :)

Thanks I will work on that!

Yes, once the layout is done it will be printed by Soul Muppet publishing. Backers will receive a discount cupom by devlog mail. Thanks so much for the interest! 

Would be an honor. Plz go ahead and use it as you will.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

there is a good review here. It is going to be edited and this is a review of the draft. :)

For sure!, I will make a sneak peak on my blog, and comments very soon. Thanks for the interest. 

All derived values, I will make it more clear in the text. Thanks.

plz send me your email, or hit me in my own. 

I think this will help you quite a lot. 


Thanks so much!! 

the PDFs are in the rar files. But I can sendo you an email with them if you prefer. Thanks for buying.

also, for solo play I suggested a 3 to 4 characters for each party. If have a very weak one, could be a good handy used just for tests.