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Would be an honor. Plz go ahead and use it as you will.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

there is a good review here. It is going to be edited and this is a review of the draft. :)

For sure!, I will make a sneak peak on my blog, and comments very soon. Thanks for the interest. 

All derived values, I will make it more clear in the text. Thanks.

plz send me your email, or hit me in my own. 

I think this will help you quite a lot. 


Thanks so much!! 

the PDFs are in the rar files. But I can sendo you an email with them if you prefer. Thanks for buying.

also, for solo play I suggested a 3 to 4 characters for each party. If have a very weak one, could be a good handy used just for tests. 

Yeah, osr/Cthulhu dark vibes. lol

Thanks for sharing. 1 for stat is almost impossible, unless you roll a 1-1-1, and also if you use the classes, you can get a +1 if you are a warrior. Hope it is clear. 

Hey Michael, it has been recently restocked. Plz take another look. Thanks again.

Hey it is in Exalted Funeral! Thanks for the interest.  Grab the link

For sure! Thanks for telling I will edit it!

Plz email me thanks and sorry about that.

Great content and gorgeous stuff! 

Awesome stuff!!!

Thanks, Really glad you enjoyed!!!

let me know you thoughts my friend!

Thank you so much! 

hit me in my email.

Of course, I'll reach you on twitter.

I hope it is ok now!

Thanks for the interest. It will for sure! At Exalted Funeral and Soul Muppet publishing.

Thanks again! 

Hello, the creatures have the stats for P&B. But you can encounter similar ones in others TTRPG, I can send you some suggestions, if you tell me in witch TTRPG you want to run it. 

And, maybe I'll make a sale for P&B and other products. So stay tuned and thanks for the purchase and interest. :)

Hey David, just changed my payout mode I think it is working now. Just let me know if you are able to purchase it.

You are right! Paths and Pacts/training makes more sense. About the two in one trifold pamphlet should be explained. I'll try to adequate this. And thanks very much for the appreciation. 

Buy the way I just released in DTRPG, a Zine for P&B. And also, it has a supplementary rules that uses Bargain cards fully illustrated that can be bought. Here are the links:

Probably Saturday! Can you send me your email? Thanks again!!

Talking to gontijo, today!! I'm exited too!! Your the best Class!

Yes, you're right! Thanks again!! 

Thank you man! Some improvements are certainly coming! Stay tuned!

Hey guys I've made a thread on tweeter trying to explain my design decisions and intentions. Check it out! Core Mechanics

Gontijo ia working in other projects, but I think that Wednesday I send you a proof! Thank you again Clae!!

(2 edits)

That's right Clae. We have to fix this visual form. But in terms of mechanics it doesn't change much. Since the system does not have + the maximum roll is 12 (2d6), so you cannot achieve total successes and / or feats on difficulty 5 (RV 15), they are only possible on difficulty 4 (RV 12).

About page 9, In the last version there was this typo, but in the new one, I don't see it. The table is in page 11 now, and I think it's fine.

Thank you again!!

Very cool! Did the system work well? Keep me updated on your solo games! Thank you very much for the feedback.

WOW!!!!! That's awesome? Can I post it on Twitter and Reddit? Did you play the game yet? Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Pacts & Blades community · Created a new topic House Rules!

WOW! Some very good house rules for Pacts and Blades are arriving in the inbox! A mechanical core, which: on a successful roll of the attack attack (Pacts or Blades) or higher roll , is used for damage. But, a friend in Facebook sent this incredible suggestion! Check this out:

Task Resolution: Roll 2d6 vs # for Total Success, and #-2 for Partial Success. Total Success = use higher damage die for damage, and get a Feat special ability. Partial Success = use the lower damage die, and no Feat. Failure by 1 or 2 can be turned into a Partial Success by accepting a Consequence (determined by the Judge), but still deals the lower die in damage.

Fell free to feed this topic with your own!! Thank you guys!!

You are the best man!! If you are interested I can totally send you a proff copy before the def, one!

Thanks again!!

I see it now, and it is an excellent idea, and makes tottally sense with the inverse progression of the system. Thanks again.