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More questions. The hit location table doesn’t state left or right arm/leg. How would you determine which side is hit? Weapons, there are a couple that aren’t that beneficial cost-wise and weight-wise and without properties, like long sword. Not sure if I missed some rulings about that. If you’re a minmaxer you’d never buy a sword. Of course you shouldn’t be a minmaxer, but still… :)

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Two questions about equipment. Can you exceed your inventory slots, i.e. carry more than your strength allows? If so, what penalties apply? Second, what does the “pace” column mean in the Armor table? Is it max pace or penalty to your pace? Thanks. Awesome game!

On page 35 the word ”difficulty” is missing for the dragon.

Any news about the new version?

How’s the new version coming along? I’m excited to read it :)

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Isn’t the second example on page 24 a bit faulty? It says a PC with Path (dagger 10) would have difficulty 4. The calculation is correct but you cannot have more than level 3 in a path, right?

Ah, yes, I forgot that you subtract the level from the RV. When do you think the new version will be available? I can take a look if you want another pair of eyes to check the text.

Thanks again for a really cool game!

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I’m wondering about the Task Resolution Table on page 9. If we look at the RV for difficulty 5 it says 13. Shouldn’t that be 15? Also, the two columns to the left of difficulty 5 have the same values as the column for difficulty 5. I think they should have RV 13 and 14. And the partial success should follow in the same manner.

It’s interesting to see that partial success increases as the difficulty gets higher. Is that intentional?

I really like the game and its rules so I'm happy to help. I would definitely like to read the proff copy, so send that and I can read it and get back to you with comments.

Did you see my comments on the character sheet?

Page 8: Impossible is not written in bold as the other difficulty tiers.

It would be nice to have a field on the character sheet for the difficulty to be hit by an opponent (described on page 24 of the revised edition).

I really like the new version! Great job!

I found two smaller editing errors:

Page 23: Missing full stop punctuation mark (.) on entry 1 and 5.

Page 27: 'If a there is ever a...'. It should say 'If there is ever a...'

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The new version is great! I love it!

There are still some errors in the character sheet:

Creating a character, step 3:
It still says Wrote. I think it should be Write.
Also, a semicolon is missing after Light at the end of the sentence.

Tests, step 2:
It says Path abilities(advancement). A space missing between abilities and the parentheses.

It says 1 a 3 and 4 a 5. I think a should be replaced with to. And maybe it should say wound instead of dmg.

I’m really looking forward to the revised edition!

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Is it only the player characters that attack each round? And is it only when you roll a partial success that a NPC gets to attack?

Also it's a bit inconsistent with the rule book. In the book it refers to "light damage" but on the sheet it says "easy damage". I think you should use "light" and maybe call it "wounds". So for example if you roll a 6 for health you would get 6 light wounds, 3 average wounds and 2 severe wounds. I would even rename "average wounds" to something else like "serious wounds". Average sounds a bit strange when referring to wounds and damage.

Super interesting game! I found some errors in the character sheet.

Creating a character, number 3: It says "Wrote the result...". I think it should be "Write the result...".

Damage: It says  "1 a 3", "4 a 5". Should it be "1 to 3" and "4 to 5"?