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Pacts & Blades

A minimalist sword and witchcraft RPG for campaigns and quick sessions · By Lucas Rolim

Gameplay examples Sticky

A topic by Lucas Rolim created May 04, 2020 Views: 947 Replies: 7
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Developer (1 edit)

Hello guys, some people are having a some problems understanding the rules. Fisrt, the character sheet has a really good rules summary. So here I'll give some gameplay examples, hoping that it gets more clear.

Attacking with the path of the blade. 

  1. Drunvar, the brave says that he is going to attack a snake demonete! He only has one advancement in the blade path. The Judge says that the difficulty of the snake demonete is 3 giving him a 9 as a  reference value in the roll table. Since he has one advancement in the blade path (-1), the reference value is 8 giving him this cenário in the roll table: 2-4 miss, 5-7 parcial success, 8-12 total success and a feat that has to be rolled in the table of the blade path. He gets a 6, rolling 2 and 4 in the dice, since 4 is the high dice rolled he inflicts an avarege damage in the demonete. The difficulty of the demonete is 3 it so it has 3 light damage, 2 avarage damage and 1 serious damage as it's health points. But, it was a partial success by Drunvar, the demonete gets a chance to attack, Drunvar who has a blade path protection level of 3 giving the demonete a 9 in the reference value (2-5 fail, 6-8 parcial success, 9-10 total success). The demonete gets a 3 and a 4 in the dice, making an avarage damage in Drunvar, eventough it´s a parcial success Drunvar don't gets another chance of attack.
  2. After his friends attacks, Drunvar aims to kill the demonete, he rolls another attack respecting the rolling cenario above, now he gets an 11! A 6 and 5 is rolled in the dice, because of the 6 he strikes a serious wounds in the demonete! The demonete is dead because it has a only one serious wound, despite of still having avarage and light wounds as it's health points. Drunvar can still roll a feat in the blade pact.

Rule Summary that is used in the example above:

  1. The Judge says the difficulty of the target, and the reference value on the roll table.
  2. All the (-) of the paths are applied in the reference value.
  3. Roll the attack
  4. In a hit, the highest number in the dice make the damage (1-3: light, 4-5 medium, 6 serious).
  5. In a partial success, it gives the opponent a chance to strike back, both paths have protection levels (3 for blades and 2 for pacts) that work as difficulty to strike the characters.
  6. If the character rolls a 2d6 and gets a total success, he will roll the feat table of his path.  
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Is it only the player characters that attack each round? And is it only when you roll a partial success that a NPC gets to attack?

Developer (2 edits)

No, if you fail in your attack roll, the opponent automatically inflicts damage.

The dynamics of rounds I leave more open as in Pbtas. But the judge can follow however he wants.

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Thank you for a really interesting-looking little game, Lucas! Hopefully, all the discombobulations/proofreading will be resolved shortly :-). May I ask you for a sample of what a filled-out character sheet might look like? I am specifically at a loss as to what to imagine under "paths" - are they only connected to combat? How about some non-combat tests/challenges? Also, if I understand it correctly, you pick EITHER Blades OR Pacts during character creation, not a combination? I really appreciate the work you put into this, cheers, mate!


A new version of 40 pages and completely revised, is available. Check your emails.

Developer (1 edit)

Hello janpostolka, thank you very much for your feedback, comments like yours are very important to me! 

The sheet should be filled out simply, with only the negatives of each advance of path! I'm filling one and posting a photo soon! 

The paths actually serve for testing on any task that relates narratively to them! Not just on combat tasks.

Yes, you must choose ONLY one path in the act of creating the character! 

A completely revised, much larger and complete version will be available soon! 

Thank you one more time!


I’m really looking forward to the revised edition!