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Movement speed and gun draw issues

A topic by Atari Gamer created May 06, 2020 Views: 44 Replies: 1
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I tried this out in Handy and the movement speed seems a little slow, can that be sped up?

Also when drawing the gun it seems to trigger very quickly, I think you need some de-bounce code there to help with it.


Thanks for the feedback.

I can of course speed up movements, need to decide if it must be done via a button, via progressive acceleration (you press a direction since a -long- time, you go faster), or just a standard behaviour. 

Yes, switching from no gun to gunn is not optimal :D in this version. I just added the sprites and a way to switch. I have to think of all possibilities and the smal Lynx button layout. Right now, I do not use Option 1 & 2 but I guess I will have to see what is better scheme for them.