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Took a while to get used to the gameplay, but once you I understood how to take advantage of the game rules, it was very fun. I like it.
Only minor point, the blocks are moving very slowly left and right...

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I will put the digital version here on, still for free.

I will probably put it 1 or 2 days before the physical release (Animasia Festival on October 9 & 10, then internet sale on October, 12 at )

Looks nice, is it 4 way direction or 8 way ?

Nice game, I have 2 questions for you :

- Is there a new version in the work (comlynxed maybe ? )

- with Atari Gamer, we are working on putting all games from the LynXmas compo, can you contact me by mail ( )

Thanks you for this, this was the perfect sprites for my little Atari Lynx game for the LynxMas 2020 game jam :

Saving Santa Tree - LynxMas 2020

Thanks you for taking time to give feedback :

- Music : You are right, I did not took time to add standard "homebrew" key feature, such as Flip, or Option 2 to mute music, but an option to just mute it would be fine also (and music were just placeholder as I am not musician)

- Tutorial was intended to be a "real" tutorial : when a new kind of tile entered in game, corresponding screen was displayed , but it was a bit confusing, so I removed it. Moved all instructions screens to be seen via the Tutorial button in options (yes, would be better to rename it as Instruction) but first feedback from a new tester was that he did not understand the game without instructions, so I finally put them just before the start of the game. I will rework on structure and content of help screen also.


I'd like to resubmit a version of Asteroids Chasers. 

Kevin found some bugs in the achievement management system (2 achievements are correctly trapped but the wrong id is called so they are not unlocked). 

Thanks for the feedback.

I can of course speed up movements, need to decide if it must be done via a button, via progressive acceleration (you press a direction since a -long- time, you go faster), or just a standard behaviour. 

Yes, switching from no gun to gunn is not optimal :D in this version. I just added the sprites and a way to switch. I have to think of all possibilities and the smal Lynx button layout. Right now, I do not use Option 1 & 2 but I guess I will have to see what is better scheme for them.