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Bitdefender flag "little lands.exe" (latest) as a virus. (Gen:Variant.Zbot.17.)

A topic by philippemorin123 created May 06, 2017 Views: 756 Replies: 3
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A little help would be great! Could dev flag this as a false positive?


Alright, I have done! Thanks for letting me know.

(Just to makes sure, Little Lands will always be safe to download so long as you ONLY download it from the official page-

or the Indiexpo page- )

Bitdefender still says: File Local\Temp\964A.tmp is infected with Gen:Variant.Zbot.17. Denies access to the zip and removes the exe.

Yep .. still flags it as infected. Unfortunately .. because I really quite like it. (played it on my work PC so Trend dont think it's a problem)