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Thanks! I downloaded the file on WeTransfer. I have to admit I don't really know what "HCFR" means thought. :P I'm not into serious preservation. 馃槄 I just want to better understand how the Wii looks on my modern displays.

Hi! Has the Wii version been updated with Extrems' 480p fix? Thanks!

Very relaxing game! Merci bien!

Glad to read! :D Take care!

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Hello! I got your game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and I noticed the Twine version isn't registered in the IGDB, which makes it appear as an "Unknown Game" in GOG Galaxy 2.0. (the universal game launcher, which is awesome). Could you please try adding it? You might want to read that first though: to determine whether it's allowed.

Disclaimer: English isn't my native language so I did not play the game because I don't have the time (and energy... 馃ズ) to invest right now.

no problem

Hello! I think the auto-installation doesn't work. I installed it manually and had to say to Windows 10 that the executable was safe

I think it doesn't work with the launcher. I can auto-install it.

A Mortician's Tale communityCreated a new topic Update?

I received a mail about an update. What's new?   馃槄

CPU usage?

What about GPU usage?! It uses 33% of my GTX970. 馃槀

That's awesome! It does remind me of the desktop pets and thingies from 90's and 2000's.

Description says "Last update: Jul 08, 2019".

Does it mean it's identical to Steam's now?

Did you ditch the BETA branch or something?

Found it! Phew! Thanks!

Anyone? :(

Fudge! I think I never redeemed my Steam key... Was is in an email?

Wait... What? Is it true?

I received an email from concerning an update. What's new? :P

A little help would be great! Could dev flag this as a false positive?

You should bring this to the Nintendo Switch. I bought Human Resource Machine and had a lot of fun. I see some similarities.