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no problem

Hello! I think the auto-installation doesn't work. I installed it manually and had to say to Windows 10 that the executable was safe

I think it doesn't work with the launcher. I can auto-install it.

A Mortician's Tale community · Created a new topic Update?

I received a mail about an update. What's new?   😅

CPU usage?

What about GPU usage?! It uses 33% of my GTX970. 😂

That's awesome! It does remind me of the desktop pets and thingies from 90's and 2000's.

Description says "Last update: Jul 08, 2019".

Does it mean it's identical to Steam's now?

Did you ditch the BETA branch or something?

Found it! Phew! Thanks!

Anyone? :(

Fudge! I think I never redeemed my Steam key... Was is in an email?

Wait... What? Is it true?

I received an email from concerning an update. What's new? :P

A little help would be great! Could dev flag this as a false positive?

You should bring this to the Nintendo Switch. I bought Human Resource Machine and had a lot of fun. I see some similarities.