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A small, circular world. Can you guide your tribe? · By Zarkonnen

Wooow, going upside-down was sooo trippy

A topic by KeronCyst created May 03, 2017 Views: 514 Replies: 1
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Awesome! The brief story was really, really cool, too. I could imagine this being, like, the overarching story for a full-length, 20-hour Oregon Trail-style RPG, dude, or an epic-scale point-&-click interactive fiction game with so many characters and more happening with many subplots on a true-sized annulus. That's a cool term! Didn't even know it existed.

I denied that chief fighter his women, by the way, LOL. I wonder what would have happened if I indulged him.


I do want to make an extended edition that will have significantly more playtime, and decisions about your tribe's society. After Ludum Dare voting has concluded, though.

Annulus btw is just Latin for "ring". Interestingly, it's where the word "null" comes from, due to the shape of the letter zero.